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Vape Mail 2018


Oh, I know where to find them…@lostmarbles has some @ozo has some and I’m pretty sure @Chrispdx may have a few. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Yup. I got three the came with the auth v1.5 goon. The hole is kinda small and hard to squonk. The China versions may be better


A few new flavors VTA and Flavorah, also got some pure nic from nicriver

I should have waited, forgot about labor day weekend sales :weary: Duh!!!


Hey Wade, I think I saw a WF who snuck in! :wink:
Someone likes Guanabana! lol

I wish you better luck with VT than I have… :cry:


Yes Sir I love some Guanabana, and that Almond Cookie WF, I did not want to run out , some good stuff there !!
the only good reviews I seen was a guy from russia, and Concrete, he don’t like much of anything really, I think his super sensitive taste buds might be overworked.


Oh I see you like buabanana flv. Lol. Let me know what you think about the kiwi flv…I got a wierd mint note from it during my testing.


@Mix_and_Hope So I see the bank robbery business is GOOD !!! Lot’s of good stuff you have there. Am curious having no VTA’s what you think of them.


I haven’t tried 90 % of them, but excited to do some bending and blending!!!

Yes I have spent my Quota for the year, except for 1 single battery squonk mod, I see Brian TVL has got a very nice looking one, suppose to hit the shelfs soon. I have about 10 VTA flavors I have been mixing with for about 6 weeks now, so far they have been good, I think VTA fits between FLV and FA standards, with the ones I have tried. I got enough to play with for rest of the year and more !!


I thought I was done buying squonks for the year but I might have to grab one or two of those topside mods. I hate filling squonk bottles or removing rda to top refill. Bad part of that is I don’t have any 21700 batteries yet and will need to buy a few of those as well.


Man-I’m REALLY hoping there’s some good Labor Day sales this year!! I wanna post goodies here, too!


Just got mine today. Loaded it up with two twisted 28/36 claptons and a single 26 SS316L, then flattened and man oh man…delicious. Thanks for the recommend. Can’t wait for the others to arrive.


Did you get the Haku Phenom


I did, but that’s coming slow-boat from China. Hopefully by mid-September or so.

EDIT: The one I got today was the Supersonic, not the Phenom. Waiting on that one to arrive along with the Entheon and Krma clones.


Chefs flavours had a convenient bank holiday 25% off code.


Most of these are new flaves , but some are repeats ty @Flavorah for the samples as well


FT accessories arrived today, pretty quick turnaround time


Chefs order WF, VTA, LA, FA, 000, OSDIY, the Rebranded Range ?, Reker Range.


Oh my. Vape mail from @BullCityFlavors. The stickers look great.

All intact. No leaky leaky. Ordered Friday and arrived today due to the holiday. Bull city for the win.


haven’t had vape mail for a while… shout out to vapouroxide ordered yesterday at 2.30pm had my vape mail by 10am today first time purchasing from them


What do you have planned for the FLV persimmon