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Vape Mail 2018


Going to see what’s what with some Jungle Flavors.


I’m a little late in posting this, but these arrived last week. I managed to mix the Fine Cuban Cigar (NicVape) and it tastes very good so far. Hopefully I can do some SFTs this weekend…

Edit: The Cherry is a freebie… Thanks for that NV.


Dammit @Pro_Vapes, now I’m on the NicVape warpath. I’m PRETTY sure I read some buzz about the tootie frootie, and honey crisp cereal and possibly the old fashioned donut. Looks like I’m diving in for a 5 pack myself. Side note, didn’t know about this organization, NicVape, or that they were a charter member as well.


I think @JoJo did a pretty extensive write up on some NicVape testing.


Thanks @NChris THAT’S where I read it …


That’s what peaked my interest. I’m not big on sfts, but I’m going to do these.


i would really like to know how that honey crisp cereal is , a couple years ago i was at a shop in seattle and they carried a line of juice called Artisan ( i think) they had a honey nut cherrio that was spot on . I would love to try and replicate it but the honey flaves rarely work out for me


You’ve motivated me @Pro_Vapes

15ml E-Flavors DIY E-Liquid Flavoring Variety 5-Pack [E-Flavors]
E-Flavor Choice 1: Blue Raz
E-Flavor Choice 2: Honey Crisp Cereal
E-Flavor Choice 3: Old Fashioned Donut
E-Flavor Choice 4: Fine Cuban Tobacco
E-Flavor Choice 5: Tootie Frootie


I’m not wearing this one… Blame @JoJo and her wonderful tasting notes…

No No Nooooo! No%20No%20No


Definitely gave you the wrong tracking # I bet…





YIPPIE!!! 1598165705b1180af92d38c2e76778e5


Nope. I contacted the seller (via ebay), no response for 3 days so I called paypal to dispute the sale…
Immediately I got a response from the seller saying that he had no idea where it was delivered but he would send me another one. USPS screwed up big time. I can understand a package gets sorted incorrectly, but that the mail man actually drops it off at an address in a wrong country, that’s beyond me :slight_smile:

Wait and see what happenes… I’m curious



Nice looking setup


I got my Boreas replacement glass from Fasttech (thanks to @Josephine_van_Rijn) and 1 new flavor and 2 restocks from BCF.


Nice! I like the Jungle honeydew and strawberry.


Mmmmmm @Pro_Vapes whatsa sugarloaf !!! ???


@SmilingOgre That is a hell of lotta sexy, packed into a bling sled !!!


When I first saw pictures of the thing I didn’t like the look of it. It has been growing on me. I was real surprised at how good it felt in the hand. The box hanging of the side of the tube is not at all uncomfortable.