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Vapesourcing: Joyetech eVic Primo SE with ProCore SE Kit (Ended)


4th post:

@Silhouette @Mew @SessionDrummer @GalacticResidue


Not used any Joyetech products but have heard some good talk about them
Thanks for the tag @Lolly


As @Lolly @Mark_Turner @Norseman and i expect quite a few others, it’s … wait for it …



@RobynRye @Josephine_van_Rijn @VapeyMama @GPC2012
@worm1 this could be the one :wink:


yes i have and still own my evic mini :grinning:

i feel it’s a great looking mod/atty combination and if it’s anything like my evic mini, it will last.
{had to edit this as it’s my first time using a windows 10 lap top {normal use a ipad} :laughing:}


No I have not


I’ve never used them before but they look nice and I’m sure I can give it a nice home with a noob vaper.




I would have to say the crown


I like the look of this one


@Rob62 @Pro_Vapes @quitter1 @ozo @wvsanta
good luck to all :+1:


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This is what I call a cloud :scream_cat:


a fun photo…:sunrise_over_mountains: I hope that is fun enough…

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Thx for the tag @Lolly I’ll have to upload a pic when I get off work! @Mark_Turner @TorturedZen @SessionDrummer @fidalgo_vapes @robin @VapeyMama @Pro_Vapes @BoDarc and many more!



I love love those colors.


Never had the pleasure of using them! I do like the colors! Also I have a atopack Penguin that I like a lot!