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Vapesourcing Newest giveaway! Eleaf invoke Kit And Joyetech Dolphin (Ended)


I like the eleaf, it’s more beautiful.


I like :


No i haven’t purchased from you and I haven’t left advice


#1 Definitely like the style of the Eleaf better, but I do plenty of low wattage vaping, so it’s a toss-up as to which would be more handy.



Because I need something waterproof/hillbillyproof


#3 And to finish it off, unfortunately, no, I’ve never made a purchase or left advice with y’all. There’s just so many websites selling the same thing nowadays, it’s really just luck as to where Google takes me when I’m searching for a product. I will, however, keep it in mind for the future. Thanks


#1 I like the Eleaf invoke for the size ,looks and screen layout.


#2 https://vapesourcing.com/eleaf-istick-pico-25-mod.html


#3 Never had the pleasure as of yet but do like navigating the site


#1 I think id enjoy the invoke w/ dual batteries but the dolphin is outdated for my needs.




#3 I used you site once for a hard to resist deal for backup box and had no problems when i did.


We have had good luck with eleaf products. I have a Pico 75 watt and several isticks. I really like the small size. Easy to take on the go.


I do like the shape of the Eleaf. It also has a centred 510 connection. I wish more mods would have the 510 right in the middle as it allows bigger tank/drippers to be attached without over-hangs.

The atopack dolphin does look good but as others have said, it would not suit most longtime vapours. It’s more of a starter kit for someone new to vaping.


The Purple looks very very nice.


Not yet but I will be looking to get the MAG kit soon (Daughter wants the pink one)
Only advise I can give it to look after your customers if and when they have issues, too many companies fail to do this.

Good luck everyone.


Congratulations! @fidalgo_vapes and @Jazzy_girl please pm your shipping address and tel-number.

Thanks and best regards,


Congratulations @fidalgo_vapes @Jazzy_girl and thanks to @Vapesourcing for the giveaway.


Thank you @Vapesourcing for the giveaway!!!


Congratulations @fidalgo_vapes @Jazzy_girl and thanks to @Vapesourcing for the Great giveaway