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Vapor.gearbest share good deals & giveaway


I think @June forgot about yesterdays round. The first two have already been drawn.


Oh, well that explains why I can’t find the drawing for yesterday…congrats to @Josephine_van_Rijn and @Ajinkya!!!


Thanks my dear, we do love you! Just delete a few entries cause you have put all 5 entries for the 16th draw and won’t have one left for the draw of the 18th. See how much I love you :sparkling_heart: [quote=“June, post:756, topic:32709”]

  1. What is your birthday?2) What is your favorite birthday gift?3) When do u begin vaping?4) When is the first time that you ordered from GearBest?5) What is your best vaper item?

Choose any questions and leave your comment here.Everybody can leave one comment in 1 round.


January 23, 2017




A dna 167 mod

  1. What is your favorite birthday gift?

The laminate flooring in my house :blush::laughing:


I guess we’ll just go to round 4 even when round 3 hasn’t been drawn yet :grinning:

The Wotofo Troll RTA


What build do you use in the Troll?


I was lazy and put in the prebuilt coils that came with it. 3.5mm dual coils, don’t ask me what kind of wire it is, it is flat.
It is .25 ohm. Flavour is awesome on this thing although it is a bit of a juice guzzler. Mind you, that’s probably a lot to do with the coils. Smaller coils, lesser cotton you’ll use less juice.
You do have to make sure that your cotton reaches the bottom of the tank though or you won’t be able to vape your tank empty.


I was just wondering if it needed monster coils to have good flavour.


These are not monster coils like some clapton coils are but the flavour on this thing is tremendous. I got it yesterday and it is now my favourite tank. 3.5mm single wire say 26 gauge and your good to go.


round 4

my flavors are my favorite , besides that ill always love my aspire clieto tank


Excellent, that’s just what I wanted to know.


I will totallt and shamelessly copy @fidalgo_vapes answer and say my flavors :grin:


great minds think alike :wink:


The only great mind here was yours dear, I was only a copycat :speak_no_evil:


if that was the case we would all be copy cats at some point …


Well, when you put it like that… :grin:


Lost Vape Triade, won from a gb giveaway