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Vapor.gearbest share good deals & giveaway


Jaysus, I won!! :smile: thanks to everyone and a big thank you to @June for the giveaway.
Now does anyone have advice on a good TC mod


congrats @DrChud


i havent ordered anything yet

  1. What is your favorite birthday gift?

The laminate flooring in my house :blush::laughing:

Whoop @DrChud :tada::+1::smiley:


YAAY @DrChud Congrats :tada:


Fave item?

Dotmod Petri RTA


Grats @DrChud


… Alien


fav birthday gift?
cruise to cozumel Mexico, Belize and Honduras. (same trip 9 days)


Round 3
Winner of 16th !!! @ Underanne

Please send us information and select $60 worth items, we will send to you!
First name :
Last Name :
Phone Number :
Email :
Adress :
City :
Country :
State :
Zip postal code :
Fill out this form and send your item links to us via pm!


Congrats @Underanne


Congratulations @Underanne. Choose wisely :wink:


What??? :sob: Did I actually win?! Oh my… Thank you!

And @June thank you for the giveaway!


I know you will get yourself something amazing. :wink:
Let us know what you got.


I did see they have a little selfie drone though, so I shall give that one some extra thought :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: When I don’t have the funds to buy anything I find myself wanting both this and that, but when the money’s in I have a hard time deciding lol, so I’m up for some tough choices. Aah, what a place to be… :cloud: (pink cloud)


Congrats girl and en :joy:

Right, last round!

I’ve saved this one for last cause I never know what to ask so it is a difficult one. Last two years I asked for flavours so I will stick to that answer.


29th December 2015.

  1. What is your birthday?

September 22,1981

  1. What is your birthday?
    September 24,1958


Birthday? - how rude!