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Share your weekend with us and win $30 giftcard

Dear friends,

Nice weekend is coming!!!Are you ready to meet some interesting and funny things,share with us and win giftcard.

[color=#0040BF]This game is very easy,just share some picture about your funny weekend or how you spend the weekend.[/color]
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We will choose one winner at the end of this weekend.
So just have fun and play with us.

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Dear friends,
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I’ve been to the zoo with my daughter.

@tbt127 @Ajinkya @Underanne @Lolly @Pugs1970 @Lostmarbles @Uncaged @GPC2012


Nothing fun or exciting for me…

Bathed the boy

And picked up this card for the mother

@Grubby @TheTinMan1 @Fenrir1 @BoyHowdy @VapeyMama @Underanne @DrChud @Kalahariuk


Kicking off tornado season here in AL, just relaxing & watching the rain! Need to change the switch on this compressor but since I’ve spent 36+ hours in my crawlspace this week replacing ALL the rusty old galv steel water lines I’m not really feeling “work” haha.


Took the kids on a trip to the beach for the weekend.

And then tricked them into going on a 600 ft zip line (followed by a 300 ft)


Took Stevie Ray for a walk in the woods and then started cutting grass. Such an exciting time lol


Nothing exciting for me, I spent most of my weekend at home and also met my school friends after a long time we had a party at friends house. but yesterday this little bird came in my house while learning to fly he got really scared after entering my house so I after a while he/she was hopping and trying to fly out of the house after several attempts he was successful and flew with his parents as they were with him all the time they also came inside the house to check him and made lot of noise.

I know it was boring but I didn’t had anything to do this weekend to pass my time but that small incident made my day.

I think it was red-whiskered bulbul bird.


I managed to get a pic of a robin before it flew off.


Nice pic for the normal camera as it usually hard to get close up of adult birds with the normal camera or mobile cam. I could not able to take a pic of his father and mother as they were really fast and were not sitting in one place for more than 3-5 sec.


I tried to get a crane too but it was too far away and the camera on the phone isn’t good. You got some really good shots there though


Thanks, I was able to get good shots because the baby was still for good 2 min or so and was comfortable when I took my mobile near him to take a pic.


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Dear friends,
Monday Cheers!!!

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more deals info,looking forward to our tomorrow sharing.

best regards,


We chose our winners for $30 giftcard giveaway!


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Weheey @Josephine_van_Rijn Congratulations! :balloon:


Thank you my dear, I really have to stop entering in these contests and give someone else a chance :blush:
Thanks again @June, I hope you had a lovely weekend too.


Maybe you’re just deserving of some wins these days :wink: Enjoy!


Congrats @Josephine_van_Rijn. Well done lovely :grin:


Congrats @Josephine_van_Rijn enjoy your win.


Congrats @Josephine_van_Rijn