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[Vaptio giveaway] How do you feel about the Vaptio COSMO Kit? ends on Feb11


Size & battery


Color selection & Handfeel


What Mark said :point_up:


Yea !!! What Mark said :point_up:


Color selection


1500mAh built-in battery + DL and MTL


Technologically advanced & Cutting edge design


What Mark is going to say :point_down:
:call_me_hand: :rofl:


Small in Size - Huge In overall Performance


1500mAh built-in battery
Small size


Provides a Safer Alternative to Tobacco Use & makes you look like a Boss


Top filling
Over-vape protection


A Rainbow of colors & fits easily in your purse


Post # 2
"Ultra smart compact profile, fitting in pocket "
The size is perfect for my run around town mod


Provides a 95% safer alternative to Tobacco use & All the Kool Kids use PODs


(don’t know what just happened to my last posts…my cat walked across and laid on my laptop :cat2::cat:)
I would say this is a pretty good setup for nicotine salt eliquid…I am trying to get my hubby to quit smoking and I think this would be good for him


Also, the 1500 mah battery would probably last him for a good amount of time while he is at work


Helps reduce the effects of climate change & May cure erectile dysfunction


Over-vape protection
MTL and DL


Its pretty!!!