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VAPTIO giveaway, Win Turbo-L RDTA, switchable between RDA and RDTA, (Ended)


Pika didn’t you just win last Vaptio giveaway?


@redscaddy22 yes, i did :hugs:

#61 Hexagonal screws in the posts is very good.


#14 Widely spaced posts allow larger coil builds


#62 Top air flow


With over 60 entries on this one, You don’t feel any reluctance to give others a chance?


having lots of entries does not mean will be a winner, but if you want me to stop, it’s okay then.



Build deck is pretty good.


Winner Announcement

The winner is #9 @Mark_Turner

Congratulations! Please PM me your shipping information in following format:
Post code:

Thank you all for the participation!


congrats @Mark_Turner :gift::tada::confetti_ball:


Big Congrads to you Mark!


No! Of course don’t stop. Long as you following the rules in the giveaway description, which I’m sure you do.
Correct doesn’t guarantee winner, but you and MT won the last 2 with unproportionate amount of entries.
Guess my slight issue is more with the company’s rules


Congratulations Mark :gift:


Thank You @Vaptio_official :pray:
I will message you my information.


Thank you @Vaptio_official for the giveaway and congrats to you @Mark_Turner :+1:


Congrats @Mark_Turner! :sparkles::boom:


Congratz @Mark_Turner, hopefully you will get the 4 language manuel aswell :grinning:
Thank you for the give away @Vaptio_official !!


Congrats @Mark_Turner. Thanks @Vaptio_official for the giveaway