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Vaptio - Newest Devices, Discount Update - vaptio.com


Wall Crawler kit is a lightweight, compact, and stealthy piece of technology that fits right in your pocket.

It is a perfect on the go vape kit specially designed to be vaped anytime and anywhere, for those who are energetic, active, and for those who like moving and jumping around (preferably not on buildings), or for those who like sitting at some quite corner observing other people’s daily go-abouts, and maybe sometimes lending a helping hand to those in need, without trying to be a superhero.


Vaptio hero series - More to be discovered in 2018

As we seen Vaptio Wall Crawler is now available already.

The next coming will be Super Bat 220W kit.

And there will have more new products to come in 2018 that belong to Hero Series.

Looking forward to them!


VAPTIO P-III, a TPD complaint kit with max 100w output, supports various output modes like VT-NI, VT-TI, VT-SS, VW and BYPASS.

It aims at bringing ultimate satisfaction to vapers with various vaping perferences on wattage level and temperature of vapor.

By equiped with 3000mah battery capacity, it can last a whole day’s vaping.

size: 2246.3mm
capacity: 2.0ml
size: 70
capacity: 3000mah
resistance range: 0.1-3.0ohm
power level: 30w/40w/50w/60w/70w/80w/90w/100w


How fast the Vaptio Wall Crawler vape MOD start!

Have a check on it, only 0.005 seconds from 0 to Max.


Vaptio Super Bat comes to appearance there is no rival.

The mod case features a special bat hero design with a colorful LED lighting system.

Choose your style with 6 vibrant colors and 3 light array opyions, single color, single color flashing or multiple color flashing.

Light up the night with colorful vaping.


Vaptio Super Bat 220W, the homecoming of the Vaptio Hero

Introducing the Super Bat 220w, multi-purpose vape mod, the perfect combination of power and design to meet the demands of serious vape chasers. Meticulously designed and crafted to maximize your vaping experience this innovative design features an advance, intuitive UI and super cool interactive LED lighting system to enhance your visual sense. Super Bat 220w there is a new hero in town.

Kit includes,
1* Super Bat 220w mod
1* Frogman tank
1* W2 coil
1* W8 coil
2* User Manual
1* USB cable
1* Replacement glass tube

Cell, 2* 18650
Mod size, 85.5 * 46.0 * 30.0
Output power, 1w – 220w
Screen, TFT 1.3 inches
Color, Black / Silver / Red
Tank Capacity, 2ml / 5ml


That is a nice looking mod. Do any US vendors sell it?


@Jim22 Its not ready for sell for now, the massive production will be finished at the end of this month. thanks for your interests.


Super power with fingertip control

Equipped with multiple output control, the Super Bat puts the power in your hands.

Delivering both power and agility with a variable controlled max output of 220w and 100-315℃ temperature control customizing your vaping experience has never been easier.

Simply choose from one of our 3 smart mode settings or use the wattage, temperature curve modes (CCW/CCT Modes) to set your personal preferences.

Temp mode to enhance your flavor, watt mode to maximize vapor.


Vaptio values user experience as one of the top factors why a prodct would succeed.

To bring user experience to the next level, the new Wall Crawler kit is fitted with a 1.3 inch color high-definition TFT screen, contemporary user interface displaying all vaping details, and is supporting multiple language options.


Wall Crawler kit is like a protective guardian,

always being there for you keeping you away from harmfulness.

It features with a leakage proof electrode retaining collar,

protecting the electronics within.


Super safety shield

Every hero needs armor to protect against harm,

The Super Bat 220w features a leak proof electrode retaining collar,

Like a protective shield it guards your electronics and ensures your vaping safety.


you may have lots of tricks and tools on your utility belt,

and that they seemed to be the source of solutions to any problem.

still, sometimes you will need to reload your very favourite weapon just because

it is so damn efficient and you cant stop using it.

So go ahead and reload your vaptio Super Bat with two 18650 batteries,

and keep fighting, keep winning, keep being the hero.


Super Bat is fitted with a 1.3 inch full color TFT screen delivering superior high definition viweing and a clearer user interface.

The intuitive looking UI features a sporty watt odometer, displays all your vaping vitals and supports multiple language options.


Like the affectionate Uncle,
always being there bringing his lifetime of wisdom and intimate knowledge of the righteousness of power,
to advise a young, innocent, and somehow reckless nephew.

Wall crawler kit’s smart battery screening system monitors battery’s general condition,
identifies good batteries from the bad ones,
advises vapers when it is time to replace the old battery.


Innovative design of Vaptio Throne Tank.


This highly anticipated and sought after 220w Super Bat Kit is Now on PRE-ORDER!!! This kit will be extremely limited supply. First come, first served.

What are you waiting for? SuperBat Pre-Order: https://goo.gl/zHw7XF?=

Leave question or comments regarding this kit in comments below.

Unboxing video,


Happy Easter!

There brings discounts for Vaptio products.

It will be available on April 1st.

Welcome to visit Vaptio.com to find more deals.


Easter Sale on April 1st! Lucky Roulette, $6.99 Crazy Deals & More!

It has been a while since Vaptio ran a vape gear contest. This April 1st we’ll be running a massive Easter sale. “Is this an April Fool’s joke?”

This is NO joke! We will be offering limited time offers on most models including our new Super Bat which is pre-order. Here is a tentative schedule of the offerings:

3 Bundle Offers - Bundles will last two days each. These three bundle packages will run in 2-day rotations from April 1st to the 6th. Bundle offers have prices reduced up to 46%.

3 Crazy Deals Items - These prices are the lowest ever for high quality Vaptio products. At $6.99, these three crazy deal items will be sold until we run out of stock. These are the perfect gift or pocket vape kits so make sure to snap up 1, 2, or 20! :slight_smile: These three deals are really crazy for Vaptio to offer, but a smart gift to buy for a friend or family member who wants to give up smoking.

Free Shipping - Free Shipping on SuperBat items! This includes the SuperBat battery mod, and the SuperBat 220w Kit. Both of these are currently pre-order, but, we will be securing stock for our online store orders first. First come, First served.

Lucky Roulette Wheel - This deal will run on the last day (April 7th). Enjoy up to 90% offer on three select Vaptio items.

Find how it goes on vaptio.com


Vaptio Lille Vapor Night, we are here!

Vaptio Lille Vapor Night.

An amazing time. :heart:

Thanks to #breakingvape and vapers supports.