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Venting about our hospital care (overly long read)


If anyone would like to help out in any way I have both a mailing and PayPal address for CosmicTruth .You can p.m. me for the mailing address , I hate to put it out here in the open forum without my friends permission.
His PayPal address is as follows , just remove the dot (letters) and insert a period.


I would not be too fast to blame the medical staff. In Britain, this sort of thing happens because our hospitals are under-funded, under-resourced and under-staffed,. Our medical professionals work over-long hours in conditions that test them to the limits, and they are simply not able to give the patients the level of care they deserve.

In the hospital where my Dad almost died due errors and negligence, the nurses urged my family to speak out about the appalling standard of care . They told us they couldn’t speak out themselves for fear of losing their jobs,

They were lovely , compassionate people, but the system was asking far too much of them .


I was not trying to blame the medical staff I am one. I probably didn’t explain myself properly. Like you said the system and the staff are overworked and under resourced. But my point in this case is that the bad ones emphasis these promblems with world health care. But with the bad comes the great. My explanation to patients who are cancelled 5 days in a row for their operation is state that are there enough roads for the amount of cars we have, no well it’s the same for hospital beds. Too many people not enough beds.:smiley:But 5 days without food or drink would make anyone cranky.


The problems of the NHS are much greater than what you depict here. I’ve been a patient with the NHS and both my wife and aunt have worked for the NHS… underfunding and under-staffing are just 2 problems out of a long list. Your Tory government is just driving it through the ground and blaming everybody but themselves.
What I can say from my own experiences though is that most doctors and nurses are very good people with the best intentions and they really care about their patients.


Absolutely., but i decided would rather not go into too much of a rant about our problems over here, given that this thread is about Cosmic Truth’s sad situation . I also struck out a line where I blamed the Tories. It’s true, ofc but wasn’t sure it was appropriate here :wink:


As I may have mentioned it is extremely difficult posting from my phone. I do much appreciated your generosity @boyhowdy & @Alisa I am taken care of, again, by the generosity of the brothers and sisters of ELR. I had already received help right after I lost my work in September, but in each case I get more help from you all than I do from my own family and church. You have reduced all my stress, I can afford to eat and travel a little now. Probably the biggest problem I see is understaffing as was mentioned. I’ll post more when I get back home onto a PC.


Just wanted to stop by and see how ur wife’s doing ? Hoping all is going well


We are still at the hospital, waiting for the doctor to come release her, my wife says I am not allowed to speak, which might be a good idea until after I get her home. She still has an IV dripping at 100ml / hour. Her ankles are slightly swollen but she feels anxious, she still does not feel good but she wants to leave. They intend to send her to a rheumatologist. Every test they ran came back negative. She has been hospitalized since about January 20 off and on and has almost lost 3 times as I remember.


If the people at that place can’t really figure out what’s causing all this with your wife, don’t you have a possibility to see another specialist and get a 2nd opinion, even a 3rd?
I’m not saying that the doctors you’re dealing with aren’t good, but it’s human to miss something or not think about something that maybe isn’t very common to them.


that is all they said, I intend to get all their records. They said they did 1 million dollars worth of negative tests. We will have to wait and see what their rheumatologist says.
Because I asked them to take her off the IV they put her on it at 100ml/hr. Now at home we will be fighting relapse and dehydration.


A problem here in Arkansas is that are maybe three good hospitals and they are all in Little Rock. Even then I wouldn’t trust complex diagnosis to them. UAMS could be very good but could be very bad as well.

Unless you are super rich you don’t have the money to send someone to Mayo.


I can verify the fact that UAMS can be very bad.


How is everything going nowadays?


She survived, now waiting, and waiting to see a rheumatologist.


What made them refer her to a rheumatoid dr? If MJ is legal in your state that might help at low dose therapy. I’ve been hearing great things about it


She has pseudogout, arthritis and other medical issues that a rheumatologist should be able to help her with. This year hopefully they will start operating the dispensaries here, but she prob will not use it even for medical purposes.


Oh no why not? Low dose don’t make a person high at all. It just helps with medical issues. It’s great for rheumatoid n gout. Great for reducing inflammation. Even if she doesn’t take it internally the tropical cream is fantastic for pain, increasing circulation and it doesn’t go to the blood stream at all.


CBD is good for that and is legal in Arkansas, but at least for now it is priced out of our budget. Once the MJ is legal I hope I can convince my doctor to prescribe me some for what ails me :wink:. They are selling the CBD and I have heard it is a miracle drug in oil form, 3 drops gave instant relief of rheumatoid arthritis on finger and shoulder joints.But they want about $100 for a small bottle of the “good stuff” described to me.


I came here only 15 years ago, so I have no idea how the system looked prior, but its not even close to acceptable.

Lots of people have been or still being screwed by the health and medical system that’s in place. We all can hope that one day this system gets looked at, and worked at in favor to the people.

Not a tiny bit here and there, than rapidly changed within 4-8 years etc. It makes me sick reading this, this country shouldn’t let their own people rather die, than actually aiding them.

But enough of that. I hope your wife gets better quickly and hope that both of you will be able too relax the rest of the year and many upcoming ones. Please keep us updated if you feel like sharing. I know its rather private.

I’m not very religious but I’ll keep you guys in my thoughts.


If the CBD works for u that’s great! I didn’t have any luck with it working for me and i tried all kinds in Colorado. I found that straight sativa worked great for nerve pain. I actually love the thc balm. It’s great because it doesn’t go to the blood stream but has great benefits! I started making my own about a year ago and have been using it every day. I’ve had two urine tests with my dr and they both came back neg. So I’m happy!