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Warm-up of Heaven Gifts FIFA World Cup Contest: Win US$50 Gift Card--7/2


Guys, this contest has ended.
I will announce the winner later.
Please stay tuned.:grinning:


Winner Announcement

Dear all,

Thanks for your active participation and supports. So excited to choose the winners.

Congratulations #65 @robin and #92 @Kenbu!

I will PM the gift card code to you later. Please have a check.

BTW, our official FIFA World Cup “Winner Guessing” Contest will start at July 10. Please stay tuned.


grats @robin and @Kenbu , as always thks for another nice giveaway @Heaven_Gifts


Woohoo, congrats @robin and thanks @Heaven_Gifts for the giveaway!


This is awesome. Thank you !!! Congrats @Kenbu


Congrats :tada::tada::tada:


Congratulations to @robin & @Kenbu and thanks to @Heaven_Gifts for another great giveaway.


Congratz @robin & @Kenbu & @Heaven_Gifts for the cool input on the giveaway :wink:


Congratulations @robin & @Kenbu :raised_hands:
Thank you for the chance @Heaven_Gifts :+1:


Congrats! Nice win!