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What Are You Listening To (Part II)?


One of mine as well , lucky enough that I got to see him 6-7 times but saddened I didn’t make his show this past fall. My sister and my nieces went and tried to talk me into going but I had too much going on, so I thought. As you say he did leave us with some great music though
Ran across his last song and though not an epic performance thought it was worth sharing , we can definitely see him limping and the pain he was playing through. Tragic Loss
Listening to these tonight as well.


Its been a fight but managed to get this years tickets :sunglasses::metal:
Who will join me ?


Something from a bit further back.




That was awesome but I was so hoping he was going to shred on one of the Hello Kitty electrics!
Like Paul Gilbert he could plug into a paint bucket and sound great!



I got to see them in the mid 70’s with Dio







Listening to mobile suit zeta gundam while browsing the web