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What Are You Listening To (Part II)?


I have yet to hear anyone say anything bad about Warren Haynes , either as a player or a human being. One of our members here @Big_Benny_MI posted some pics of him hanging out with Warren after a show and stated he is truly a nice guy.

I hate to admit it but I never was a big fan until I checked out The Les Claypool Frog Brigade at Bonnaroo in 2002 , instantly became a fan and then revisited his earlier works including Primus.

Thank you and please post some of your favorites when you get a chance , especially if they aren’t main stream or well known musicians. I love discovering new artists as well as revisiting some of the now classics.


@SthrnMixer , love the Glam Metal/Hairbands of the 80’s even though sometimes I hate to admit it! :rofl:
May I present the quintessential 80’s Glam Metal/Hair Band!:star_struck:


Not a fan of the exaggerated theatrics in this video but absolute cracker if ya close ya eyes and just listen. Geez, I loved the 80s (sad I know) :sunglasses:

Ditto… :sunglasses:


Nothing like the 80’s



Hahahahaha! :smirk:



Just awesome!


And look at the depressed 90’s






Michael Schenker: Lead Guitar :heart:


Crystal Castles - Not In Love ft. Robert Smith of The Cure



Love 70’s guitar rock… I have a few UFO vinyls. And some don’t know Schenker was a early member of Scorpions at 17 yrs old.