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What Are You Listening To (Part II)?


Wow that guy’s flamin’. xD Waves @Molly_Mcghee. Some of my favs are gender benders. A lil lipstick and eyeliner? mm hellyeah…


Huh… I guess someone didn’t like it. It disappeared. :roll_eyes: I didn’t even get a notification?


Oh just noticed it gone. I was busy lookin at vids of Marc Bolan… :star_struck:


Eh, whatev’s!!! I guess I’ll just go back underground!


No that’s what they want!



Nah don’t go…




For you @Molly_Mcghee


Gotta love the guitar!!


This young Aussie fella is from my home town (Perth) and has just been on The Voice Blind Auditions (4 chair turn) where he did his loop version of Prince’s “When Doves Cry”. Lots of talk here in Oz on whether he should’ve been allowed on the show but what the hey…

Now this is not his audition video (Aussie TV network won’t allow it to be shown online yet) but some of you might like this one anyway. Cheers from Down Under. Hey c’mon, stop that. You know what I mean :grin:


Kick Back !! Find your Happy place !! Turn on your Smart Hub on the Big Screen !! Fire it UP !!


Loved that tour, I seen it, and was grateful I did, I like him very much, but and a very big butt I am on the Gilmore, Mason, Wright side, and have also seen their tours all that came to the midwest state’s, and also Gilmore’s solo tours, I still love the band as a band but I prefer the Gilmore side, just cause he’s not so political and all , both put on great shows I am hoping Mason brings his current lineup to the U…S.


I’m curious now…What in the hell did you post that got the crook??


Same here , the 1st hour was great, but the 2nd when he got all lefty, bashing, and he is a atheist on top of that, but still great show, 1st class show, wish i could have been there !!




Truly amazing what some people can do with a little box of electronics :astonished:


Carlos, bout time for a new album, dude can play !!!