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What Are You Listening To (Part II)?


Tash Sultana’s set was great…could have watched her play all night long!


Oh, Im so jealous. Tash is the reason i finally started taking guitar lessons. I absolutley love her music Do you live in Cali?


No don’t live in Cali; she is my newest favorite musician and I actually think, I owe that to you for sharing on here back a couple months.


I’m obsessed with CHVRCHES’ new album. An early favourite so far:




Thanks for posting @Mew. Love this song. And so much emotion :cry: If I’m laying down, eyes closed and listening to this, every time I hear the line … “like a cat in a bag, waiting to drown” it always brings a tear. I have absolutely no idea why it does, it just does. And no, it doesn’t worry me if people think I’m a wuss for that, I know who I am :fist: Thanks again…


Please, please don’t laugh or scoff but came across this guy for the very first time by pure chance. Some may think I’ve been hiding under a rock or something but glad I finally seen this. A measly 522-odd million views on YouTube. Whaaaa? Great artist, great song. Enjoy…




Loving the new SP album :star_struck:


Really liked this @Lolly. Went and checked out the “other” version as well and can’t decide on which one I like better :thinking: Thanks for the share….



I prefer the alternative, vocals are more raw. Love them both though!


I’m feeling a ska Saturday comin’ on!!


Let the day begin!(yeah, last night was a bit on the rough side so I’m getting a late start.)


Next stop: Sublime


I went a little more 3rd Wave-Mustard Plug, the Pietasters, Mudsharks, the Slackers, Save Ferris and Dance Hall Crashers. Sublime’s good, without a doubt, but I was going for a little more brass.


back in the day, patches and tie dye !!!


I never got so deep into ska, we were more on the reggae and dancehall train.


I got fairly caught up in the ska scene back in the '90’s-Still dug grooving on some reggae and dub, tho! The wife and I worked Security for Reggae on the River for a few years-16 hours of work for free tickets to the show, free camping and shirts! We’d always work the Friday morning parking, looking for contraband and dogs. Since the shows were in NorCal on the first weekend in August, it would get ungodly hot and we’d always wind up with more than a few busted windows trying to save dogs from oven-temp car interiors. The only contraband we’d confiscate were fireworks(The venue was dryer than a freakin tinder box so the LAST thing we needed was bootleg fireworks setting the forest ablaze) and nitrous tanks. Pot? Cool. Coke? Not my personal choice but have at it. Opium/heroin? Keep your needles capped and dance your ass off! Nitrous? NOPE. We got more medical calls from that shit than all of the other drugs combined Little Suzy Naturepitz gets herself a headful o’Hippie Crack, next thing you know she’s passing out face-first onto a river bed chock full of teeth smashing boulders!

Good times…Good times…