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What Are You Listening To (Part II)?




One of my all time favorites!






Is that a dis track or can we call it murder? That’s just nasty.

MGK is not the only one going after him. There is a comedian in Michigan that is just blasting him on IG.


the funny thing is I had never heard of MGK before I saw the beef on twitter, now I just added a few of his albums to my google play library and was listening to them earlier today on my walk. NF is still better than both IMO and he (so far) doesn’t get down in the weeds with beefs/disses and he doesn’t even curse on his albums as he started out as a Christian rapper under his real name.


I had one of his first EPs way back when but I lost track of him and his music. He really never was my style. I thought he had faded until I heard Rap Devil.

You ever wonder if all this is rigged to boost both their careers?


Winner, winner! Chicken dinner!!!

That was my thought as well. Em’s last album didn’t do as well as previous ones had, so he reheats beef with MGK off a comment/tweet/post(? not sure of specifics) made six years ago? C’mon…Really?

Don’t get me wrong-I’m really digging Kamikaze, and have enjoyed Em’s earlier work as well. I just don’t think he needed to drop a diss track to show he was still in the game. Hell-The damn album does that just fine!


Nothing like a little Dead to set the day right!


There has to be another one to join this :slight_smile:


Man, does that song hold some memories! It’s one of my all-time favorites, thanks to my best brother-from-another-mother, who introduced me to the Dead. We had a wild and crazy few years, with both of us coming out fairly unscathed. As he was getting ready to go into the Air Force(19 years old, engaged and had found out he and his fiance were expecting) he decided that he’d have one last hurrah: The Mardi Gras shows at Oakland Colosseum in February 1992. He was determined to get Jerry and the Boys to play St. Stephen-He’d started making signs and a t-shirt, and had planned to just run through the parking lot before the shows telling anyone who’d listen to scream for St. Stephen. We had tickets for all three nights, my stepbrother was going to meet us there with his 1963 Dodge panel van RV conversion so that we’d have shelter and grub cooking. Everything was set.

If you haven’t guessed it by now, he never made it to the shows. About a month before the festivities he had an undiagnosed aneurysm blow in his brain. In the space of five hours he went from feeling like he had the flu to…just…gone. It’s been 26 years and change, but there’s not a day that I don’t think of him. I know exactly what happened the day Jerry went over the Rainbow Bridge-Tim was standing on the other side with a shit-eating grin plastered ear to ear with the biggest goddamn “SCREAM FOR ST STEPHEN!!!” sign he could muster!


Man that’s tough. I never got to see the dead in Concert but they sure remind me of some good times I had with their music some 25 years ago when i was still young and carefree


I was fortunate enough to see them a few times-The whole experience was a giant show, from the parking lot before to the stage and back into the parking lot again. Good times, amigo. Good times indeed…