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What Can I Make/Wasted a TON of Money Pls Help <3


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Now were fraternal twins, not identical:)


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I am not as new as the OP (I have been making my own single-taste Liquid since quite a while now) but as I want to start mixing more than just one, there seriously are a load of neat tips in this thread!

Just ordered a scale, lol. Out with all those syringes :stuck_out_tongue:


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Hey there!

At the bottom of each topic there is the option to track or watch - you’ll then be notified as new posts are made.


Geez @Lolly I already said that! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I used to use syringes to mix at first but I switched after a couple of mixes because it was so messy and tedious. I always had to clean them out and stuff! Started mixing by weight and man what a load off! I use straight vg and pg and 100mg nic (careful) use gloves! Anyway set my mixes on the recipe calculator and bam ready to go. I use pipets to get flavorings out and set them to the right side of flavors when mixing that way for multiple mixes I can use same one so I don’t cross contaminate. Super easy! Also for starters I’d pick 2 recipes that you know are really good and get concentrates for those. Keep gathering info and you will learn pretty quick!
Also by weight set what vg/pg ratio you want add flavorings which are mostly pg based set nic level and save, then just drip into bottle to the weight it says for each individual ingredient. Tare scale after each ingredient and your good to go. It also will say how much pg and vg you’ll have to put in! Most 30mls I make are 70vg 30pg so almost always have to put in25.35 grams of vg. my pg changes depending on how much flavor I use. It’s generally between 3-6 grams of pg and for a 3mg nic I always have to put in 1.13grams of nic (because it’s 100mg strength) this will change depending on what nic strength you use as well! Anyway long post but I hope it’s helpful!


Hi @Forbitten_Rose cool choice of name by the way, apologies for late reply, been hammering the Xbox :grinning:.

The 70/30 3 mg premix is all good, as mentioned just pick a recipe add either by volume or weight the PG-VG and Nic and add that amount of your premix to your desired bottle size, then add the flavourings as stated in your chosen recipe :dash:

The only thing with premix is the PG VG ratios will vary slightly according to how many flavourings are in the recipe, the 70/30 3mg pre mixes are mostly based on a total of 15% concentrate, which will give you an exact 70/30 3mg mix.

However if the total flavourings is more or less than 15% the ratios will be slightly different.

I have found that using 7.2% Nic and always mixing at 70/30 3mg VG based NIC, the VG and nic will always be the same in weight and volume, it is only the PG that changes, dependant on the flavour percentage, so whether you make 10ml or 500 ml with a 70/30 3mg premix you will always get 3mg of NIC (assuming they used VG based Nic), as this never changes, and if your not PG intolerant the VG PG ratio will only vary slightly so I wouldn’t concern yourself with the difference.

At a later date if you want to start using separates then that’s cool, for now pre Mix is a great way to get used to getting the flavourings right :grinning:

Edit: thought I’d add this bit, so why the change in ratio? Because 99.9% of concentrates are PG based, so if a premix 70/30 3mg is set up for 15% flavourings and the recipe calls for 20% total flavourings you are essentially adding another 5% of PG to your mix.

I was also getting ready for Saturday, mad mixing day and took a pic of what I worked out for the ML, Concentrate Levels at 15%, VG, 7.2% VG based Nic and PG with concentrate levels at 15% all in grams.


Interesting. First I’ve heard of this.
Where did you get this information?
I’d like to read more about the idea, if you have a vendor link(s) please!

In the meantime, I’m assuming that it may be vendor specific, as everything I’ve ever read (forum-wise, and lack of seeing any such note at vendors I’ve browsed) and currently remain under the impression that if one were to buy 70/30 premix, add 15% pg based flavoring, you’re skewing the numbers by a noteworthy margin.

No disrespect intended. Just trying to make sure that I (and new members who read this) stay as accurate as possible with the dissemination of correct (and up to date) information! :slight_smile:


Hello @Sprkslfly

I didn’t read this anywhere, it’s kind of like the new Nic shots with the juice that’s specially made for it, the vendors wouldn’t be advertising a 70/30 3mg mix as exact.

Because as you mentioned adding concentrates would screw the Mix and it wouldn’t be 70/30 anymore, loads of places that sell concentrates and premix recommend that if you use their own one shots they recommend 15% therefore the pre mixes must be set up for this or they wouldn’t legally be allowed to advertise these products on their sites as a 70/30 Mix.

The Mix part being the key word here, now a 70/30 solution would be a different story.

Plus the fact that PG cost slightly more than VG, only by a small amount, although still enough to bring costs up when making massive batches.

I have been mixing and selling my own juice for just under a year and have learned a lot in that time and if it were me selling a 70/30 Mix it’s kind of a given that I would leave room for the average amount of flavourings at 15% which I’m sure you are aware are mainly PG based, so it makes sense to leave out 15% of PG, this way the Mix would be 70/30 as mentioned above if it was called a solution then it would or maybe 70/30 as it comes, although this means that, as you mentioned as soon as the concentrates were added the PG levels would be different.

So why advertise a product as a certain Mix when it’s not?

Take a look at how certain companies are getting around the TPD by selling 60ml bottles of the same juice as they did before mixed at 0 nic which is legal.

Then supplying a nic shot in a 10ml bottle which when added to the 60ml bottles, which don’t contain 60ml of juice, as for one the 10ml of nic shot wouldn’t fit and once again the ratios would be off. So the premix they use has taken into account, not the concentrates as above but the Nic shot so if the nic shot is pg, the bottle would contain 10ml less PG. So that when the nic shot is added the exact ratio is achieved.

It has to be the same with 70/30 premix, as the name implies?

Some big name Juice added to oneshots nic are a good example of this, have a look about, I know this relates to getting around the TPD and selling 60Ml of juice when they can only sell 10ml with nic legally, although their 60ml bottles only contain 50ml with 0 nic which is legal, all ready for the 10ml of nic to be added. It has to be the same for premix?

It seems kind of obvious to me, although everyone is entitled to their opinion and hey that’s why we have free speech :slight_smile:

heres an example of the new get around, I copied and pasted this from a vendors site for a well known juice, I’m not gonna put where as I’m not advertising for them on a DIY forum as they don’t sell concentrates:

Note nic brand of Oneshot has been changed as in, it’s not called Oneshot it’s called something else, Oneshot just seems to be the new term most vapers are using for their nic shots …

Details of example from a Juice retailers site

50ML of juice in 60ml bottle ratio of 50/50
oneshot Ready = Ratio ready bottle, designed for use with Oneshot nic, not suitable to vape without pouring in a Oneshot nic bottle to reach desired Nicotine Strength, Oneshot Nic sold separately. 3MG is the maximum Nicotine level that can be reached. 50ml bottle; 60ml after Oneshot Nic is used.

Oneshot Nic Ratio Guide:

30ml requires 1/2 bottle of Oneshot
60ml requires 1 full bottle of Oneshot
120ml requires 2 full bottles of Oneshot
The above will result in a 3mg formulation

Now a lot of these juices are marked as 50/50 Oneshot ready, yet the Oneshot that comes with them are advertised as 70/30.

Again how can they market a specific ratio if it will change when the Oneshot is added, surely they must have done the calculations?

Just my thoughts, personally I do not use premix :grinning:, just helping out a fellow DIYer

I welcome your thoughts and anyone else’s, I do have a few vendors phone numbers and tried to get in touch while writing this post, although none were available, I will however see if I can get hold of someone who runs a shop and sells premix to tell me if I am wrong or right.

Although I am right 99.9% of the time lol :joy:

Look forward to hearing from you

All the best



Ah, “the veil is lifted”! =D
So it’s a result of the recent UK changes.
That had slipped my mind obviously, as it obviously doesn’t pertain to me.

It seems like one more aspect of DIY that we’re all going to have try to make sure that we remind each other of (especially new persons to mixing) so that they apply/consider the correct approach to premixed vg/pg/nic.

In the USA, if I’m still correct in my understanding, premix means that they (vendors) have mixed whatever ratio, let’s use your 30/70 example, as being 30pg and 70vg with the nic already factored in (whether they chose to use vg nic or pg nic is irrelevant, either way, it’s been calculated into the appropriate portion of the mix). So any addition of flavoring will skew the ratio, potentially notably, depending on percentage of flavor used, and it’s base type (pg/vg flavor).

In the TPD affected areas, they are approaching it very differently at the moment. And while it’s probably the best approach to allow room for adding flavor shots (given the constraints they are trying to work within), assuming that everyone is using 15% flavoring covers many bases. Unfortunately, it’s going to often prove limiting, and will limit not only the number of flavors, but flavor (brand) choices due to the ratio of each flavor required. Say for example if they were to use FW. A single flavor of theirs typically requires 8-15%, so you’re automatically limited to two flavors max (without exceeding the 15% rule of thumb) for a TPD premix. I’m sure you get where I’m going… :wink:

Bottom line, more aspects that everyone here is going to have to understand, and factor in, and then remember to ask each new person that inquires about the subject.

I’m glad my curiosity has brought me a bit more clarification (and also glad that we both approached it open minded). I also appreciate the exchange!

You too?!? LMAO
No, I get that, as was I. The forums have seen a few “blind leading the blind” lately, so while trying to make sure I stay open minded about things (glad I didl) while trying to get a more complete picture.

So many different situations, so many things to remember… all as we try to help others, and repay the help we were so kindly given.

I’m glad you’re here, and it’s nice to meet you @Shane18! Hope you enjoy all the ELR community has to offer!

Mix in good health,


Hey @Sprkslfly

Thank you for such an insightful response and glad to meet you too :slight_smile:

We can’t even buy any premix with nic in anymore over 10ml or any nic over 20mg in a 10ml bottle, it’s really messed up what the TPD has done to us.

Great to know the good old U S of A is still keeping it real for vapers.

I have heard though that some states are only allowed to sell tobacco flavoured juices, although that doesn’t apply to us as DIYers.

If that’s the only restriction you have over there then hats off to ya :grinning:

Have a great weekend.

Glad you are also right 99.9% of the time too lol.

Best Wishes



There are still options to buy higher volume and higher concentrations of nicotine within the EU. There are some backdoors to the TPD regulations which some webshops in the EU chose to exploit (registering pg/vg nicotine solutions as a half-fabricated product makes TPD irrelevant, but then you need to comply with REACH norms).

Long story short - If you are willing to look around a little bit you can definately still find 100mL of 48mg/mL nic, I can attest to that personally :slight_smile:


Hi there @Gert

Cool that sounds promising, thanks for that, although I’m a bit of a lazy sod so maybe you could PM me some info, which would be for a later date as I stocked up on 72mg Nic and currently have 2 Litres in my freezer.

You never know when you’ll need more though :dash:

Just got a Royal Hunter Mini Dripper this morning and did a crazy dual build of fused Clapton at 0.17 ohms 26+26 Parallel NI80 wrapped with 32 NI80 and it took so much power to pre-heat my coils the peak insulator melted, only at the top though, whoops lol :joy:

Although screw it I’m still using it and the thing eats juice, like 3 vapes and I have to refill, so that 100ml of Key Lime Pie I made a month ago is nearly gone already, doh!

So yep, be great to hear some alternative sources as I didn’t fancy getting a hazmat suit and grabbing some pure nic from China.

Could be a long way off though or maybe I won’t need it at all from breathing in noxious fumes from my melted RDA :joy:

Woah I talk too much.

Thanks in advance



I too would like to get the link, that’s if you don’t mind sharing.


You should be good for about 13 years, if the below screenshot is anywhere close to how much you vape on a daily basis and nic content in your juice. :wink:

But, you can grab the nic calculator from the thread below. :sunglasses:


Cool thanks @Kinnikinnick

Woah 13 years…

Unlucky for some, I’m sure I just got a throat full of boiling hot peak insulator, serious coughing fit and burnt roof of mouth :joy:

I’m gonna stop vaping that RDA now, must be a sign not that I’m superstitious, really! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Still 13 years sounds like a very long time, although I thought it only had a shelf life of 4 years in a freezer (mines VG based), I do make loads for family (for free) and others at a fiver per 30ml, and that calculator looks well cool though thanks for that, so it’s looking like I’m gonna have to start vaping more and selling shed loads more :wink:

Oh and stop vaping plastic lol

Thanks for the heads up much appreciated :grinning: