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What do you really hate?


If your rude you wait. :+1:

That has always been my motto, I used to have an idiot fee when I did work for myself… 10% surcharge. :wink:


Verizon is a piece of sh*** I know))))))


I left my mod/tank In the car, and it got rather warm today.80 degrees and my ejuice seeped through the afc, I mean the whole tank did.


I hate when it’s time for the Coachella Festival! People drive like maniacs, tie up traffic and the lines at the store are insane.



I really hate spiders they are literally a pain in the butt…

job I recently did had lots of spiders in the crawl space. Needless to say I have. A spider bite were the sun never shines…


That happened to me a few years ago while crawling under my house trying to locate a leaking drain pipe. I spray twice a year now cuz I don’t want to go through that itchiness again. Luckily they weren’t Black Widows (or maybe they were, I don’t know).


Started draining yesterday at work so it’s getting better. But now my fruit of. The looms are sticking the my behind… which is another pain in the butt.

I hate spiders


All this darn snow we’ve gotten since Saturday, and its been snowing since late Fri nite!! And we’re supposed to get 10 more inches tonight! We already got 18ish. This our garage doorway!!


is the door made of snow, or is the snow made of door?


this reminds of a story I read yesterday… @Lostmarbles


Holy jeebus! I better clean out my whirlpool tub. I don’t use it because it’s too short, but it’s been 2 years since it’s been run. No telling whatall is in there.


@Jazzy_girl What the Frick !!! ??? Where are you again ??


In Northern WI. Yea we are totally gettin slammed here!!


OMG that’s amazing…we have literally never had anything like that here :fearful:


I really really hate misplacing my mods.


Yea we just got 2 feet of snow dumped on us since Friday night!! This is the first time I’ve ever seen this much snow fall all at once!! We have some huge 4-6 foot drifts!

Ps: Update. We got 30 plus inches of total snowfal here within 2 days time!! I guess we made the record books!


I know its the worst! I thought a mod with a “where’s my mod” beeper on it would be great!! Kind of like the tv remotes have :sunglasses:


Yes that would be cool. I finally bought my first sqounk mod and i cant find the damn thing. I think i left it at school. Smdh


Yay for squonking lol what did you get? I hate that it took me so long to try squonking!


I bought an Ijoy capo.I figured it would be a good one to start with.