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What do you really hate?


I totally see it.

Really I don’t. But I clicked on it too and got the same message.


Should i really hate that i see it fine but curious why u cant see it too?


You guys can’t see the embedded image ??


You know what that means, they are haters!!!


Blocked on their end maybe ?




Interesting …

We should start a posted pic poll, and see who can, and cannot see and figure out what’s what. You running blockers ? VPN ?


Nope, just on my iPad which is using my iPhones hotspot.


@tartarusspawn I see you’re using an apple device, and I don’t do Apple. What’s the significance of the number 5 to the right of the image ?


Don’t know? You linked the image


I couldn’t see it either!!


Oh it’s CLICKS, thought you had a blocker running. Maybe it’s an iOS thing. I’m not familiar with the Apple browsers.


@tartarusspawn can you see this image ?


Nice stand


Thank you. Strange, you CAN see attached / uploaded images, but NOT linked images. Interesting …



Hypocrisy. I hate hypocrisy.


I can see it in your post, but the original doesn’t show up for me either.

I’m on my laptop. Windows 10 and Chrome.


I can’t see it


What I really hate, is when I get distracted during a mixing session


and overpour a flavour by 100% :disappointed:
I really hope it is still vapeable, as I’m too cheap to pour it down the drain, and start over again.