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What do you really hate?


I really dislike the insular and hive-minded mentality of certain mixing cliques. Wish more mixers were down-to-earth and welcoming like on this forum. The self-congratulatory back-slapping that goes on in these forums is truly sickening.


Encyclopedia Salesman :neutral_face:


I can fall out of my chair laughing at the Circus. My wife absolutely does not get it at all.


Love em… I can watch over and over n find new things to catch n laugh at.


Neither did any of mine :laughing:


Hey sweetheart you get them just fine!


When you hear Whitesnake’s “Here I go again” on “oldies radio”, and realize 'Wow, that was 30 years ago? o0


Thanks for the reminder. I need a nap now.


perhaps see you in an hour when u need to pee


Let’s just hope I wake up in time


Fixed it for you. :+1: :joy:

(Sorry couldn’t help myself :wink:)


Leaving a restaurant …walking down the sidewalk …distracted as some guy is getting back in his double parked car …see a cellphone on the ground …dudes about to leave …“Hey!? Drop your cellphone?” He says “[expletive] [expletive] YES!? THANKS!” I say “Merry Christmas!” Now he’s rolling down the window “Really …THANKS!” I walk around the corner he drives around the corner leaning out his window to say “Hey? Merry Christmas PoPz!”

…Popz? …POPZ~?!? <grumble<grumble< Kids today!