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What do you really hate?


I use nasal steroids. The key is keeping them dry. If I catch a cold or allergies start kicking up, it’s very painful. The nerves are largely dead in there now so it’s not as bad as it was.


Wow! I take it there is nothing you can have done?


It happened because of another idiot dentist down the street.

I went in with one bad tooth that needed a filling and he convinced the insurance company I would healthier long term if he just crowned 3 molars. So I bought his bullshit, let him prep 3 teeth for crowns. The %$#^ idiot didn’t do a root canal on any of the teeth so the teeth died but the nerves were alive. I was sick for about 4 years. The guy that did the root canals was “his buddy” from the local country club and so was the other dentist that had to redo the crowns. I had to drive 150 miles from here to get a sinus specialist who wasn’t affiliated with the dental mafia here to help me. By the time I knew what they had done it was past the legal time limit to sue a dentist.


Oh wow! That totally sucks, at least you knownwjhts going on now!


These are all Doctors who were trained at the U of M Dental School. (Michigan Medical Mafia) They would keep referring me to their classmates and friends who would keep reinforcing the original lie which was…

“This is your sinuses”

The local sinus doctors would say “This is your teeth”

I was sent to a neurologist and the neurologist said “its your sinuses or your teeth”

All went to school in Ann Arbor.


I have never really heard anything about that school until now, I do know that the insurance companies run medicine now and they have for quite awhile.


It’s cost the insurance company well over 120K to fix the medical problems caused by the original idiot killing 3 of my teeth. (For no reason other than for him to bill an insurance company 6K for 3 crowns)

He must have needed new furniture or something.

This will come back around. The karma police have never failed me. There’s been times when it has taken years to see people get what they have coming but they always do… and I will tell you it’s usually 100 times more creative and cruel than anything I could have come up with.


I hate ants. Every time the bug guy comes out to the house, they magically disappear, and I’m left standing there looking like more of a loon than I already am, jumping up and down about how there was a trail of hundreds of the little evil shits just an hour ago…

Now they’ve decided to invade my garage. I’ve just been bit five freaking times on my foot and ankle. I think it’s time to go medieval on their collective stinky little asses. I’ve got gasoline-Anyone got some styrofoam?


@Maureeenie I really hate to say this, but you JUST hit a NERVE with me (pun intended). Due to some odd family bloodline dental oddity gene I inherited, I had to have my two upper rear molars extracted. Couldn’t brush, or floss my way out of it, just deep perio pockets, with no real chance. Extractions sucked, as expected, and everything’s all healing up great (minus the freekin’ HOLES that is), and HAD (past tense I think) considered getting implants. You bring up interesting points that I don’t think everyone is aware of, and I know I wasn’t, until I started researching. The proximity from the roots of upper rear molars and/or implant posts TO you sinus cavity.

Well, I sure don’t remember my perio specialist mentioning THAT little tidbit of information when we were discussing possible implants. I now know that extractions, perio disease, and other things can actually cause “sinus cavity drop” ?? Is that even really a thing ?? Well from what I’ve read, it IS a real thing. This has me just a bit concerned about GETTING any implants (upper rears) as I don’t know how I feel about driving titanium posts into my jawbone POSSIBLY going INTO my sinus cavity. Can you add any information on this, because you had me at “The posts … are sticking out inside my sinuses…”. As you can imagine, this is a very personal concern of mine, and frankly, the more research I read, the more I’m thinking NOT going to be for me. Any thoughts or additional information ??


Sure I can tell you a lot more.

When the original Dentist (Dr. Gordon) killed the teeth and put the crowns on without doing them slowly (one every month or so) the 3 teeth started to die under the crowns. Any time a tooth is dying it’s affecting the bones it’s attached to. (Teeth are bone, very hard bone) Sinus cavity drop is a misnomer. What’s actually happening is bone loss, or a thinning of the bones (your upper jaw near your sinuses). When they kill your tooth and cap it with a crown, there’s also no way in hell to keep bacteria out of those cavities and around the gum line so you are dealing with amounts to a constant state of fighting off gum disease as well.

This is the definition:

Bone loss is a common consequence of loss of teeth and chronic periodontitis. … When that is removed through tooth loss, the bone “resorbs” (reabsorbs) into the body. In the first year after tooth extraction 25% of bone is lost, and this bone loss continues on.

As you age you suffer bone loss anyway. The bones get brittle. When you lose viable healthy teeth… its not not good. If you lose 2 or 3 at once, it’s multiplying the effect of the bone loss.

In my case these posts for about 4 years were like a wire brush in there collecting dust, anything I would breath in through my nose. I used saline rinses, had my teeth cleaned 3 times a year… didn’t matter.

When your bones shrink the nerves that are attached to the soft tissue around it are being affected. Its degenerative, and with degeneration comes pain. (Its why old people are creaky and sore)

The worst thing that happened to me constantly was the ear infections. My right sinus (where 2 of the teeth were) would be in a state of constant agitation. The sinus would drain into my throat and ears. I couldn’t stop the constant histamine reactions. Those posts were foreign bodies so my body was always trying to get rid of them. (Elevated white blood cells blah blah blah) I felt like I had the flu for 4 years.

Implants might be ok for you…IF you have a lot of bone to attach them to.

In my case, I’ve lost so much bone if they had to pull one of my upper teeth,my jaw would shatter. An Oral Surgeon told me if I ever have to have one pulled I would need what would amount to surgical reconstruction of my upper jaw.

Take care of your teeth, consider your options and DO NOT ever take the word of one dentist who says you need a crown. Always get a second opinion. I have 6 crowns in my mouth, all with root canals and I am always in some level of pain in my mouth.


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I appreciate that. I didn’t really have much bone loss or receeding gums, but just some abnormality that was causing deep pockets on just those two teeth, no clue why, dentist, and perio surgeon both said because only those two, must have been something genetic ?? Not sure. Went to follow up at perio surgeon and he said I had so much bone that no bone grafting would be required (I guess that’s good). Haven’t scheduled my follow up yet, because it’s going to be the “So, whatya think about some implants” kind of meet and greet. Went to dentist for regular cleaning, pocket checks, and after the hygenist was done, dentist came in, looked at things, xrays, and I asked her about implants, specifically the upper rear molar on each side. She double checked the xrays, asked if I was having any issues chewing, eating, I said no, she looked again, and said, “If i was me, I wouldn’t bother doing them”. Another hygenist walked in, and the dentist showed her my xrays, and asked her if she would bother doing them, and she said no too.

Soo, what to do, what to do. The perio surgeon (who obviously gets paid for extracts and implants has a monetary gain by doing more work), and my dentist who really doesn’t benefit financially from me doing it, says no.



Go see one more Dentist who doesn’t live in your town, don’t tell them a damn thing about what they’ve told you and show him/her your x-rays. If you go in with “pain” with my insurance,that can be written off to insurance as a “medical” visit.


What kind of ants are they? I would recommend getting yourself some granulated bait and putting it around the foundation of your house and putting gel bait where you see them inside.



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This has now turned into a weird thread. Ha!!! Ants and Dentists. (screams, leaves room)


Those Terro traps work like a miracle. They have inside and outside Terro.

At first they attract the ants but you just let them march with the bait back to their nest where they kill the queen. (Muahahahaha)


Just ye olde regular pissants-you know, the common ones that seem to come from outta nowhere and swarm the slightest trace of sugar. Which is weird, because I don’t eat or drink anything sweet in the garage. It must be the VG that they’re attracted to.

I’ve always had an aversion to ants ever since I was about 9 or 10 years old. I was futzing around the woods behind my house and stepped into a carpenter’s ant nest that was at the base of an old pine tree. They don’t bite, but being young and having my leg covered in big black ants left an impression. Spiders? No problem. Millipedes? Easy. Roaches? Fine. Ants? KILL THEM WITH FIRE.


Surprisingly, the ants around my place don’t pay the Terro traps any mind. The last time I had them in the kitchen, I mixed up some Terro liquid with some VG and they went apeshit for it. Two days of swarming, and I’ve not seen an ant in the kitchen since!


@paingawd I’m going to second what @Cutlass92 said. I too, hate the ants. Don’t know why, just hate them. I’ve gotten very good at nuking them. I have wasted a shit ton of money on this spray, that spray, etc. I have found the only thing that stops me from wasting my money, BUT, it took me a long time, but here it is.


I use a combination of these two, outdoors…

The heavier duty green plastic base ones you can spike nail down, and rain doesn’t hurt, while the clear ones I put where they are somewhat protected.

Then I put this stuff down wherever I feel like it, and you can run a band of it around your house, or whatever area you need to…


NOW I MUST WARN YOU !!! Whatever you buy from Terro, baits, gel, powder, you must PREPARE yourself. Once they start hitting on it, they WILL call friends, but this is GOOD. You must FIGHT the urge to start smashing ants as their numbers grow and grow. You WANT them to ALL come and get some. It can be disheartening as you see more and more ants coming, thinking WTF, I have MORE ants now than I did before LOOOOOOL.

Let’m eat, keep eating, call their friends in, then they bring back to the HIVE and kill the QUEEN. I alternate between the gel (baits) and/or the powder, if they seem to be ignoring the gel, toss some powder (granuals) and they just start carrying it away. Works like a charm, I’ve never had it not work.


You are steeling my thoughts !!!