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What Should I Buy? Help! Mods


I have 2 of them and bought my son one recently. We love them. Had my first for several months with no issues whatsoever.


My only problem with my Alien is the paint. Form, fit, and function it is fine and I have had it for awhile. Even temp control isn’t bad. Ok, not Yihi or DNA, but still not bad. A friend bought one more recently and his paint job is holding up. My Alien has a number of scratches and a completely paintless fire bar at this point. I seriously take care of my mods. No good reason for the paint problems.


The 213 Plus still has crappy Temp Control, still does not do 213 watts and still is not firmware upgradable. If you are a wattage only vaper that doesn’t need more than 150 watts the 213 or 213 Plus is still a great choice. They are built well and have a nice feel to them.


My first Alien died a week after I bought it. Got the dreaded resistance too low error. Waited 3.5 months for a warranty replacement and a week after I got the second one the paint started chipping. The fire bar is starting to get really loose and the faux carbon fiber panel is separating. I still get a random error that says “Do Not Abuse” which is really annoying and requires that I unscrew the tank and reset the resistance. It happens on multiple tanks so I know it’s the Alien that is at fault.


I have one and no issues either. Hmmm lol


I absolutely love my Alien. It’s rock solid after 6 months. Love the big fire button. Batteries last a great amount of time, excellent display. If I had too I would for sure buy another.


i have three aliens all for almost a year and they have been great and no paint problems , for the price i think they are top notch


That’s a real shame. I’ve still got my OG Sigelei 150-It’s the main mod in my Vapeocolypse kit because I KNOW that it will perform when all of my other devices are dead and gone. It’s such a well built device! If only they would go back to building solid mods that actually do what they’re advertised to do, I think Sigelei could reclaim a bit of their reputation.


So I got the Minikin boost. For a really good price. Thanks for the info guys


Like I said, for what they do I think they are great mods. I just dont like when companies claim that their products are more than thye actually are. It’s a shame too because I thing the original 213 in the Gun Metal finish with Carbon Fiber is one of the sexiest devices I’ve ever had.


I am about to give you some advice ( and we all know what that is worth), so take it with some salt.

  • Every inexpensive mod coming out of China is Cheap! You will be lucky if it lasts a year. You truly do get what you pay for. The only ones of mine that still work that are older than 12 months are my IPV5 and RX200 The Rx I have had to fix several times but somehow it still works.
  • Just my two cents worth. Good Luck


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Mine has been a dream, have had it for around 7 months, no problems with paint, I skinned it anyway, and now it’s in a ModShield case, which is awesome.

No issues with temp control, or the 510 and I’ve had drippers, blah, blah, blah on it with no problem whatsoever, it’s is used everyday as my main mod, as soon as the batteries die a new set go in, anyway…

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Anyway one of my first mods was the Sigelei 150 TC, and I absolutely loved it, although was turned of it when the screen got scratched and then Sigelei had the issues with their claims about the first fuchai, although if I needed a mod, and now they have sorted the fuchai 213 plus, personally I would get one of these.

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