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What Ya Vaping/Mixing Today (Part II)?


Wow I forgot about this one. It turned out fantastic


Sounds like my next mix! Any suggestion for a sub of MF Orange for one that BCF carries?


Since I’ve yet to test this mix, It’ll be hard for me to offer a replacement. In all honesty, I have yet to find a Orange that works better than Orange MF.


Orange shisha inw or blood orange fa. But it is true…it’s hard to replace orange mf.


Vaping my Banana Cake experiment a bit early. Could use some more work, but I’m enjoying it.

Banana Cake v1

Ingredient %
Banana Cream (LA) 3.00
Bananas Foster (TPA) 3.00
Cake (Yellow) (FW) 4.00
Super Sweet (CAP) 1.00
Vanilla Cupcake (FW) 2.00

Flavor total: 13%

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Hecho esto hoy, huele muy bien!


Finally after testing for a month it is complete, but in all honesty. I will, maybe, probably, more than likely continue to tweak it. I am never satisfied.:roll_eyes:


That looks/sounds like a lovely combination!

Not that it’s any consolation whatsoever… But know you’re not alone. There’s more than a couple of us in that boat! :wink:
(Though some may prefer “rarely” or “it takes a while…” as opposed to never lol)

Adding Caramel Coffee with Sweet Milk (Purilum) to the list. /sigh




.25% Caramel MF
1.5% Caramel Toffee Hangsen
1% Marshmallow Purilum
3% Vanilla Ice Cream LB
1% Whipped Marshmallow Cap SL

Hoping this comes out good in a few weeks.


Here is my newest post. I don’t post recipes much, but here we go…just one more post to go.

The star of the show is watermelon RF SC. This reminds me of a cool Watermelon drink. One that you can sit back and drink any time. Not overly sweet, not heavy, and not over flavored.

I have vaped on both RTA’s and RDA’s. You will be happier with a flavor build and not a cloudy’mc’cloud face build.

This recipe was designed around RF SC flavor because the flavor presents at first with a lot of hope but some report has too much rind. Challenge accepted! I also worked to separate the flavors in the mix…which is why i did the following…

Cucumber is here to accent the rind, but sweetens the green note just right.
Dragon Fruit TPA, and dragon fruit in general helps fill the gaps in any watermelon mix.
Strawberry FA is here to help the red note. Keeping it low doesn’t add strawberry, but add the color red. Yes, I believe in vaping the idea of a color (not actual food coloring, that is not good).
Marshmallow and Cream Fresh helps sand down the corners are potential harsh notes.

Development notes…
-I tried this mix with Watermelon PUR/INW/MF/LA colorless. None of which worked. Therefore, watermelon cannot be subbed.
-Marshmallow could be swapped by another non-toasted Mallow, but know your flavor strengths. You only want a tinge of mallow…not full Mallow. Same goes for cream…low and low.
-Strawberry could be swapped by Cap Sweet or Ripe Strawberry TPA…but if you asked I would pick Ripe Strawberry TPA.
-Cucumber, yes you could use another. Just keep in mind the FA is true to the natural profile and really helps as an additive. Your mileage will vary when using another cucumber.

Please steep your mix. I prefer 3-4weeks. If you asked for the shortest time frame for everything to settle and do it’s thing? 2 weeks.


Last Recipe post for the day.

Blue’y Cards…this is based on a chase I have been doing for one of my first ADV’s. However, this is completely different since I haven’t found a way to replicate Thyme. Regardless, I find it very enjoyable and just a treat to vape 15mls once a month…I always wish I had more.

First and most important thing to state…Steep this with no heat and wait 3 weeks. Heat will destroy the spice, and you really have to wait for the blueberries to do their magic and for Cardamon to find it’s place in the mix. You will know when this is steeped because it will look like a custard with it’s beautiful amber color. If the color has not changed, you need to wait.

You will be greeted with a sweet blue berry in the middle of vape, cardamon throughout, and the hints of brown sugar.

Sadly, I wouldn’t screw around with subbing. You could try subbing the blueberries, but I wouldn’t recommenced it. There is NO replacement for Milk & Honey (with its fun dark notes), Brown sugar sits just right, and there is no other worthy Cardamon.


I keep meaning to get this one. And then I shall mix this up :yum:


i will order this flave this recipe looks great ty



I mixed this

I subbed FW Salted caramel for 1% HS Caramel, upped FLV Tatanka to 1.5%, and lowered FW Butter Pecan to 2%. I think I’m done mixing anything else for a while. This is all I need for the foreseeable future.


This is going on my to-make list!


Let me know how you liked it


No mixing. Today is chores day. First up. Inventory. I often buy back stock of flavors so I never run out. I also but 2 10ml bottles because I often find I need just alittle more to flavoring to determine if it’s worth it to step up to 30mls.

Sadly, I sometimes mess up my inventory because I run out of flavor during a mix session, grab from the stock, telll myself I’ll cross it off later, and 4 months later I can only guess if I have a back up marshmallow fa, a strawberry fa, or do I still have 30mls of original watermelon inw (and hell yeah I do…it will last me two years).


you are so organized it almost makes me jealous , for some reason DIY is the only thing i dont keep completely organized