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What're you listening to?


Change “Peaches” with “Figs” and you have the current state of my back orchard. Millions of figs, and I don’t really care for the damn things…


Layne was THEE voice of my 20’s. Damn shame we lost him and so many others to the monkeys on their backs.


Another one lost too soon!




Stumbled across these guys the other day while in an indie hole(YouTube’s Recommended algorithm is fucky sometimes!) and took a shine. If you like Dropkick Murphys or Flogging Molly, I think you’ll dig The Rumjacks too.



First heard these guys on The Bob & Tom Show. Some days I really miss that show!


Me, too. I really missed it when we were living in Chicago. They all seem to think that Man-cow is funny, but they’d be wrong!


Man-Cow was more of a Man-Child, but the one that had been relentlessly bullied and felt the rge to take out his misery on the rest of the world by trying to emulate his hero, Howard Stern.


No one in Chicagoland would believe me that he was annoying and NOT funny!!! And Bob and Tom, who’s that? They have no clue up there!


Chicago is a strange place. I think the Lake Effect affects more than just the weather…

Of course, because of all that wind they also tend to get kinda cranky really, really easy!


Hey! I grew up in Chicago! You got a problem with that?


Must have not been back for a while, as that last sentence would have come out something more along the lines of, “yuhz gahdda prob’m widdat?”

As to having a problem with Chicago, I have none. Granted, I’ve only experienced it thru the O’Hare Airport and Sheraton(Long story involving the dreaded Fogging of 01.01.1989 and a 15 year-old me swiping bottles of champagne from the Room Service trolleys) I’d really like to tour some of the architecture in Chicago. Some day…


There is a great one from the Chicago river!


That actually sounds pretty damned cool!


The fam and I went on it last time we went up for a weekend. It was pretty, windy but pretty.


In all fairness, we went in March. It was A LOT of fun, though! And we got free ponchos out of it! :joy:


FREE PONCHOS?!?!?! Sign me up!