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What're you listening to?



Just let there be rock and all will be good


I have this on one of my playlists.



This is unreal!


Yeah who needs a band if you can replace the stoned bastards with a machine…


Hahahahaha! Too funny


Love these guys, I usually listen to their instrumental version of this album but it’s not on YouTube :-1:t2:



Stuck in my head!!!


A while back I had to learn Wild Night by Van Morrison for a quick gig. While researching the song I accidentally discovered these guys. Blew my mind!



Afternoon on a rainy day with my youngest… :sunglasses:


I saw Bayside at Van’s Warped Tour. Love me some Van Morrison. :heart:


@Flavologist it’s a wonder this guy has any vocal cords left. xD


The interesting thing about the vocals is that, that deep deep vocals you hear is a technique called throat singing. It is used a lot by Buddhist monks. Which is where I found out about it. Yup, I’m following the path of Buddhism. I am a contradiction of every conceivable form.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yeah but can you growl like that??? lmao
Some people say he can’t sing but it takes some skill to keep that “throat singing” going through a whole show.


If i would even think of trying something like that i wouldnt be able to speak the rest of the day…


Unless you practice the Buddhist technique. :wink:
I literally stood in awe watching that guy perform. Waiting for his voice to give. I was impressed. :open_mouth:


Love the ending… :fire: :droplet: