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What're you listening to?


Better times back then, anyway, age is just a number! Rock On! :metal:


That is very true, I’m almost glad I’m not a 20y old nowadays. I’m sure kids can still have a lot of fun now but I’m still glad I was young in the 80s and 90s.


I was born early 80’s and grew up through the 90’s, had a typical 90’s hair cut “curtains” down to my neck with an undercut… Yeah, I was one of the cool kids :laughing:

I had musical influences from my Dad (rock and classical) and my Older Brother (Hip-Hop, DnB) so my fashion sense was out the window, baggy jeans and Metallica T-shirts that came down to my Knees…


You still dress like that don’t you…


Funnily enough… :blush:


I’m just wondering what will be considered “cool” about this decade in 20 or 30 years. In the 80s and 90s for me it was the festivals in particular. We’ve seen so many great bands when they were in their prime.
And then, a few years ago, The Cure was headliner at Reading and Leeds Festival. I mean, they are still a great band and all but why are the headliners on all the big festivals still the same as they were in the 90s? AC/DC play with the original guys’ nephews or something, Metallica is still going around and i bet the Stones will still be on stage with zimmerframes in 20 years.


Unfortunately these times don’t produce the type of people with the same passion for music, its more of a love of the money and fame these days.

There are a few gems in certain genres but nothing to top 70’s,80’s,90’s music, it was too organic, too brutal, too out there, maybe drugs and alcohol really are the gateway to ultimate creativity


Smartphones are the root of all evil when it comes to music. Nobody is ever bored anymore because of them. How many people who would have picked up a guitar or something before smart phones are actually doing it? I know at least 5 great guitar player who would never even had a go if such a distraction would have been around.


Completely Agree. Advancements in technology are great but when they become life… :unamused:


I’m singing this as loud as I can and my kids aren’t impressed…


Wtf they just left the room!!


Like PB to J


My daughter and I sing that as a duet!!!







Make 'em eat Kraft dinner!(I took me far longer than I care to admit that the phrase Kraft Dinner is Kanuckistani slang for Mac n Cheese!)


Sample ! Sampe ! :grinning::grin: