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What're you listening to?


I never realized how much I love cello music until I found 2Cellos. They kill me. They’re awesome. And they’re pretty cute to boot. :wink: I don’t listen to them enough though. They came to my city but I didn’t know till it was too late to get tickets I could afford. I was so sad. Bet it’s a great show.


I bet they do put on a great show! And you’re right, they sure are easy on the eyes! :wink:




@Molly_Mcghee @JoJo , if you like that you must have heard of these guys!
I love these dudes :metal:
Cello but a bit amplified :stuck_out_tongue:


Love the Plays Metallica by Four Cellos



I think so. Seems familiar but not one that I’ve kept up with. I like Bond a lot.


Heard this on an episode of the new season of Longmire, on Netflix. Loved it so much I got the album. Even though the female has that weird pronunciation of words, the music is quite good. Mellow.




Tbh, i saw Apocaliptica live 2 times now and still prefer theyr own agenda instead of playing covers like they have a show of Metallica, thing is when your used to the raw sound of Metallica and 4 cello’s start to play this its a total different sound, while there own playlist has no equal when played by 4 guitars.

I tried to cover them with my own guitar but the cello’s play very low, i need a bass guitar for that :sweat_smile:


Maybe a New Year’s gift :rofl:


The animated series absolutely rocked, while the live action movie just sucked. So. Bad.






When i hear this one in my car, full volume !!


Ozzy (John Michael) Osbourne turned 69 years old on Dec. 3.
He was born in 1948.