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What're you listening to?


A quick look of what I listened to when I was 8 and my 6 transistor radio never left my hand.
Beatles are NOT on the charts yet here.

2 years later and we’ve still got Dean Martin alongside the Rolling Stones and Elvis still on the charts. As well as the Zombies, and the Moody Blues next to Sam Cook and Marvin Gaye and the Beatles, Beach Boys and the list is… LONG
Ahhh it was a great time to grow up.


My aunt started Pat Boone’s Norwegian fan club (yes, we did have music availabe here too during the ice age lol). She went over to the States to work for him, but it ended as is often do; she met a guy and never came back but for visits. You Americans… :wink: :smile:

And also, some very nice classics on those lists :+1:


That’s a great story
Pat doing Little Richards Tuttie 1957


A Smoothie Tutti Frutti even :smile:


AKA Blenderize (FA)


Funny you mention Pat Boone. I ran across this yesterday. Perfect mix for @Bob_Bitchen . Old school metal. LOL!











I met Kid Rock’s bodyguard at a hotel in Denver when I went out for a smoke. He said Kid was his favorite gig but “Pamela Anderson was a real beeotch.” I died laughing…


@Bob_Bitchen time to say "lalalalalalah"