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What're you listening to?


Need a little help from all you music-philes. My son’s birthday is coming up and I want to get him some vinyl jazz albums. He’s a big fan of Charles Mingus and I’ve picked up The Black Saint and The Sinner Lady. Also got John Coltrane’s My Favorite Things. Any other suggestions along that vein? Just no Miles Davis. He doesn’t care for him at all. I know, I know…


I would love to have Sonny Rollins on vinyl, especially Saxophone Colossus. Such a nice present you’re putting together there! :+1:


Thanks @Underanne! I’ll take a look at that one. He would actually love a bass clarinet but the cost is WAAAY beyond what I could afford. Been trying to get him to think about playing a sax, but he’s hard headed.


He should play sax! Keep pushing lol. There’s always The Duke though, but I’d go for Rollins over him. Please let us know what you end up with and how he responds to the gift :grinning:


Smok’in! :sunglasses:


Beethoven, Beatles, and Santana. So far.


If I had it all to redo, I would have learned to play the drums.


Yeah me too. I was a brass player.


I like it! I’ll look into this one too.
Thank you!


I sure will!


https://youtu.be/hT_STFPVaE4[quote=“Norseman, post:608, topic:56662”]
I Iove me some dike tones

I bet you do

“when the lights are low she can hit the notes wearing my T-shirt”



Not really jazz, but my favorite is The Blues Brothers. I just enjoy them.






Chris Cornell died today, so I’m listening to everything Soundgarden.


R.I.P Chris Cornell. This was the song that first made me really stop to take a listen to Soundgarden.


Whoops didn’t see it was posted already @kungfoogorilla



Cornell’s death was determined suicide.Permanent solution to a temporary problem. It’s a selfish act. Reminded me of this song Shane, singer for Seether, wrote after his brother committed suicide.


Oh…I like this!