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What's your local vape shop like? :)


Good post. I’m in Sunnyvale CA/Silicon valley. It’s vape store Disneyland here with every type of store you could imagine (we even have TPA mixing up the road). The only downer is that all the shops are located in ANTZ crazed Northern CA. As a result, state vape laws are scrupulously obeyed to the point of shut down and go out of business if you help the vaper the wrong way. One thing about this new US/Fed. administration, they tend to leave us vapers/businesses alone (probably too screwed up to get to us).


I am in N. FL and my local B&M is great! They sold me my first RDA and helped to make me coil and wick it myself, saying that they wouldn’t do a thing for me. They put on a video tutorial and “told” me how to do it while I asked if I was doing anything stupid. They also have some pretty good house juices.

Since that first time, they put in video games and a pool table, a bar, and I saw the pool table make way to a large dining table.

They now have a bar that serves meads and local beer!
My husband and I have stopped in for vape supplies, just to get tempted by the great beer and mead selection, (I cant find a mead I really like, but they let me try…).
They have everything one needs for DIY eliquid and candy making. They had candy for me(made with popular flavors, I brought home a couple suckers for the kid last time I was there).

It is because of them that I even started making my own juice. I hardly ever order anything online.

The staff is knowledgeable and the owners are great people. The prices are not marked way up at all. The flavors are comparable to online purchase and I got some good deals on gear that I couldn’t have gotten online with shipping and all. I really don’t understand how they make it, but it must work for them.

The owner schedules DIY juice classes too.

It was one of their guys that recommended this site to me!

Beer, mead, good conversation, and DIY all in one place.
Lifted Spirits Vape & More (Craft Beer, Mead, and Vape Lounge)

324 St Johns Ave, Palatka, FL 32177
(386) 385-3787 https://g.co/kgs/2EaE8v


I live in the Midlands in Britain, don’t have a lot of use for B&M vape shops, especially not since I got to be too disabled to get further than the end of my (very short) street w/o transport . And especially not since TPD, which has wiped out my (already very slim) chances of finding a juice that will suit me in those places. (NP, though. I’m now totally DIY-ing, anyway ).

The kit can usually be found a great deal cheaper online , ofc,

That said, i’ve ben really impressed with the few vape shops i’ve visited. Maybe I’ve been lucky, but they’ve been relaxed places, run by enthusiasts who are more than happy to share their enthusiasm , and I’ve enjoyed having the chance to try out the klit , and even to try out the juice at one (a market stall) that actually stocked a PG-free juice (but that was before the TPD) .

And hats off the Smokey Joe’s! I visited their Leamington branch once, and not only did I get some knowlegable advice about kit,from a guy who had plenty of time to ask what i was looking for and go though the options; it was all on sale at the exact same price as their online store. Even my non-vaping non smoking friend, who was with me, raved about the place, afterwards! It certainly made a much more more pleasant experience than online shoppng, and what was neant to be just a quick diversion to buy some new coils turned out to be one of the high spots of our afternoon out

And, ofc, i ended buying some new kit too :laughing: Can’t say i actually needed new kit, but didn’t regret that in the least.


The nearest vape shop from my house almost stopped me from vaping, because of a certain… problem Could you inhale wrong?

The second vape store not only trying to told me ALL THAT, but actually told me that vaping is expensive and DIY is more expensive (of course, they made their own juice), and if i want to vape fror less money, i should stop and go back to cigarette…

I only do online shopping for my vaping needs since that experience.

To be fair, it was around August - September of 2017, and i haven’t visit another vape shop after that. Hopefully they’ve changed now.

I forgot, the atmosphere is very relax, you could vape ands build anywhere in teh shop, and both have tables outside too. however, some of the sellers and customers brought their children there, so it was a bit awkward for me, at least.


Some shops are really run by class 1 idiots… unbelievable and very understandable why you shop online now.

Weird though that it’s so easy to find a vape shop but so difficult to find a really good one. This thread just confirms my own experiences… they’re out there but most shops really don’t live up to expectations.


I live SW of chicago and the shops here are horrible. Overpriced, charging $4 to try the samples, and selection is limited. I have to drive give or take an hour to get liquid and wire from two different shops. When my wife and I were living in Texas, there was a shop around every corner that would let you come in and vape and hangout, let you try whatever liquids you wanted, even had some pod mods to try out. I’ve been sticking with online only unless im out of concentrates and nicotine then I go to the closest shop to get e liquid


My local vape shop is like Narnia)))))))


Mine doesnt have very good choice. Specially because FA has some exclusive deals with one shop, so my fav shop isnt included ;-( (TPA only)


there is a shop close to me just like that ,all the employees are to busy showing off their tricks . One day i walked in and after awhile i was finally greeted by a guy blowing a ring and walking through it right in front of me i never returned


Ooh yeah! I too keep a shedload of spare kit in the back of my wardrobe! :grin: