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What's your local vape shop like? :)


It used to be called Cafe Ecig but after he left for the big clouds in the sky they voted to rename it Legacy Vapor Cafe.


Wow @Ken_O_Where I’m about ready to make the trip. Sounds like a Class A establishment to me.

…formerly Cafe eCig

To honor the late Chris Krodel; co-owner Lorrie Krodel and the entire Cafe eCig staff have resolved to change our name and logo. This decision was made to pay a well deserved tribute to Chris and to fully recognize the legacy he left behind.

Chris authored all of Cafe eCig’s eLiquid recipes and the Cafe would have never came to fruition without his wonderful presence and contributions. We hope you love our new name and logo as much as we do.

Let’s all make Chris’ legacy and memory live on!

Peace, love & happy vaping,

the Legacy Team

P.S. Thank you for your continued support and patience while we make changes to this site and the store. If you have any issues and/or questions, please call or email us right away!



Holler if you do and ill try to meet you there. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Sorry about not putting the link in my post, i went a little derpy it seems.


My local vape shop should be holding to their contract with the overall owner but still they charge 10% more then they should. I contacted the main owner about this and they tell me prizes recently changed and the shop should ask the prizes listed on the website. They are not friendly and most of the time the person behind the counter doesn’t know their business. I’m not going there anymore and will order everything online from now on. Maybe @Suomynona knows a good shop in Belgium but I doubt there is one.


I’m getting depressed looking for a great vape shop… there’s a good vape shop/dvd rental place in Tielt-Winge (between Leuven and Diest). They don’t belong to a chain so they have a lot more freedom to order what customers need, they’re good people… but they’re expensive, can’t vape inside, spend a lot of time on individuals so it’s often a long wait. Still the best I’ve found.
Too many shops, means they have limited customers and limited choice in what they can stock.


Vaping needs to be promoted more in Belgium. It’s sad to see that there are so few vape shops there.


There are a lot of vape shops if you ask me. The biggest issue is the local laws for vaping.
Last year the govt lost €100M in taxes thanks to vaping, they’ll do everything to keep people smoking.


I am so sad to hear about. Your government is happy to let people die horrible deaths from smoking to make more money than to offer them a safer alternative to smoking and perhaps give up smoking completely? How very very wrong of them.

They should rather think about how much of the tax payers money they will save from not having to treat patients in public hospitals for cancer and emphysema caused by smoking tobacco products.


ANd I think I have just hijacked this thread. My apologies.