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Why do you like/dislike this mod?


I have a VooPoo Drag. It’s solid, fires up fast - and most importantly for me - I can run it in variable voltage mode. If I want to replicate a mech mod, I run it at around 4 volts.

I also have a DovPo MVV. They are something like $24 on GearBest right now and it hits hard. It’s basically a serial mod with a pot that allows you to modulate the voltage. It might do it via PWM. Not sure.

I think Smoks can be adjusted to hit hard, soft or normal. Could this be what is happening with yours?


I’m loving my Eleaf Invoke 220W TC, they can be had for about $30. I’ve had it for a while now and absolutely no problems, small, light, takes a 25mm RTA with no overhang, dual 18650s, can also be used as a portable charger with the reverse charger acc. Nice controls and menu system. I got burnt with Smok products before, so I gave up on them.


I think it uses a mosfet. Grabbing one of these is high on my list. Do you have a link to the Gearbest deal?

Edit: it does use PWM


I was about $4 off on the price - but still under $30 on sale. I really like mine.


Thanks! Still a good price.


Both are friggin Paper weights , gave smok 2 chances to earn my business.
Needless to say I’m :100:% Sigelei (so?) Fan !! I unfortunately only own 2 mods. (that I use that is)(lots of paperweights in storage) 1st being Sigelei Fuchai 200 W Temp Control (which Temp I haven’t used since I’ve owned for the last,at least 2 1/2-3 yrs.) Rock solid, gotta keep the magnetic door closed with the wife’s hair thingy, can’t remember what it’s called & a silicone fitted sleeve that kinda helps protect from over dripping etc.( Still gets in there a bit) spring loaded 510 pin. Only use the Solid Constructed beast for RDA, RBA for flavor testing ( I’m old school, before dripping was even cool) hold 2 18650 batteries. I run between 3.5-6.0 ohms @ around 30-60 Watts. Depends on how I’m feeling and to decide if my juice I like it semi-warm or warm/hot
I’ve dropped the by God thing at least :100: X’s (being conservative) I just swap out RDA,RBA’s on it, with different builds in each one. No idea what the measurements are (if I knew how to post a pic in a post I’d show u)

Well hell o I figured it out. great venting for batteries dude too.
Hair Thingy

Here she is complete LMAO

The Other Sigelei is I believe called a 2/3 or trio. Anyway I can run 2 batteries or 3 I just use it for RTA & RDTA’s it’s at least 2 yrs I’d guess. I’m undecided on what RDTA or bottom airflow tank to get. (I’ve spent 1 yrs Christmas Money on Juices etc… Since joining or should I say coming back to when I was ready to get serious and learn this Beast they refer to as DIY, Something about rabbit holes I’ve never been in yet “LMAO” but I’m about to go down one here directly.)
Back to the Mod & RDTA (P.O.S)

doesn’t matter the build I put in this POS it’s a great options RDA, RBA, postless deck ( I do like that) or the other deck that comes with the IJOY Limitless RDTA Classic. Oh yeah it’s called Velocity Deck, and a few other decks. IMO if they at the time would’ve used bottom air flow for the RDTA part, it would probably be a flavor Beast !! They claim on the package that the Postless Deck is for Flavor chaser. All I get out of the flavor is Tobacco Recipe & Strong Custards. Maybe it’s just me. I found a killer deal @ $6 a piece when they first came out. They were all crazy colors nobody wanted,I’m guessing. I jumped on it, because I’m just not into all pretty matchy matchy set ups. Just my preference… I look for durability and Performance (excluding this tank set-up)

If you can read the back that’s what it comes with.

And that’s my .02 cents. Whatever you do make sure it’s exactly what you want and gonna do exactly what you want it to do. And most off all Be Safe… DIY…& lookout for that rabbit hole I was talking about.
PS; I’m about to do a good clean up on the Fuchai (Nasty as Hades) been couple of weeks.


I appologize I’ve not owned or read much on any of those you listed. That’s why I reviewed,in short what I believe in.


Have the original IPV around here somewhere. They have come a long way. I think that’s the one I literally dropped in the toilet, took apart immediately and wipped it down pored uncooked rice and buried it for a couple days. Put it back together & worked great for quite awhile. It’s in storage/stockpile I’m sure !


My iPV4s is the same way, excellent mod, had it forever and it’s never even so much as hiccuped one time. Just not on his wish list so I didn’t mention it!


I’m almost scared to even entertain buying a new Mod. Quality I don’t believe is there (as far as durability goes.) Now, as for bells, whistles and lights it’s on like Donkey Kong. It just bothers me somewhat, the environment that there being mass produced in. I’m not too sure about Quality Control. Shoot, anyone can put a sticker on and say inspected by so & so. I’d buy another Sigelei Fuchai 200 W or something similar. With the little magnetic door issue fixed (I’m not a fix ER upper) I’d have my Fuchai fixed so it would stay together (I wouldn’t have to use the wifes hair thingy) If I’d find someone to fix it back up and get someone to it a couple more magnets on it. Didn’t the IPV4 have the hole middle of it pull off so you could access your battery sled ?
I’ve still got my telescopic F-16 (I believe it’s called) tube put in drawer. That’s pretty close to when I started dripping. Man, I’m talking 2008-09-2011 for some reason I saved just about all mods & tubes,attys etc…I guess I’m a pack rat when it comes to my “life savers” lol
Oh, Hell’O I’m going digging !! It’s time to do maybe a “Throw Back Tuesday” using a echoing voice thread. Might be pretty cool to kinda see where we were when we first started vaping to kinda what we got Now.


I don’t know; I’ve never needed to disassemble it for any reason at all. And I don’t fully understand the question.


Is the battery compartment accessed by pulling the whole middle of the mod off ? Exposing the battery sled and the inside of the IPV4. It seemed to me there was some sort of grip that you put your whole hand around and simply pulled the cover off.


Oh, yes true. I really like that too. It’s a ball bearing system which I also really like. But yeah, we’re running his thread off the rails now!


You selling by chance ? The DNA ? Just, got the Juices flowing when I saw them.


I know I’m too easily distracted


I’m in the UK but i can build you one and send it to you. If you’re in the US @Whiterose0818 is the person to talk to.

Have a look here, this is where i buy the parts:

If i build another one for myself i would go for the 2x18650 enclosure. One battery never gets me through the day with my 45W tank.
There’s also a choice between the “normal” fire button which is just an actuator to push down the fire button on the board. The other version has a bigger hole for a “proper” fire button. With this extra button you don’t wear out the on-board fire switch.

They are really easy to build. No holes to drill and just 6 solder spots (8 if you use the external fire button).


Seems so complex talking about it. But your right, I have a Bud that works on Laptops. I could have him solder for me good. I appreciate your help and sharing.


I tried it with different adjustments. Not the issue but thanks for the suggestion


I appreciate everyone’s input. It was helpful. I hope this thread could be one reference for others who intend to purchase one of the mods on the list. Since these mods are popular, people could find the problems others have faced with the listed mods. Or how others have compared them.


Which is probably why you’re still a “:100:% Sigelei Fan !!” :wink: :laughing:
Especially given that Sigelei hasn’t been able to figure out TC. They got called on it with the Fuchai 213, and it’s been going on for so long since that I’ve basically ignored the issue since.

Fortunately they do power mode well, because they really have some excellent designs! But unless things have changed recently, I wouldn’t mention Sigelei if TC was a requirement. (No offense, I think they are workhorses! They just don’t TC yet is all)