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Win 100W ETALIENS E.T-X3, Enjoy Stable Vaping Experience--7/19


Raspberry shortbread cookie http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/1491992/Raspberry%20Shortbread%20Cookie%20by%20GR


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I love the look of this mod especially in the "Bao Blue"
Maybe a dual 18650 would be better, it looks like it could fit 2 batteries without changing the shape/design.


Enjoying Blue Lush from Chefsflavours


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VooPoo Drag with the Ammit Dual. Ammit 25 awaiting it’s first outing.


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Ooooh i like the look of that tank. Who makes it. ?


lol thx @robin it’s the new smkon v engine with px1: triple coil rba they call it a pba. It’s pretty cool definitely unique! Also it’s on the voopoo drag but doesn’t usually go on that mod my rx200s batteries were charging lol


Looks very ergonomic :grin:


2.Share your current vaping device with us. (pictures are preferred)

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Arthur and a bashed Alien :laughing:


@Norseman’s Strubarb Custard…recipe has vanished :scream:


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It looks pretty cool, kinda weird… but so am I. :wink:


I’m currently rocking the big boy and the little guy.


Right now I can’t get enough of @Skullblade789’s summer cherry suck.