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Win 200w Smoant Battlestar,A Portable,Ergonomic,Smart Mod


Congrat @CosmicTruth!


Congrats @CosmicTruth
thanks Heavens Gifts for the contest


Congrats @CosmicTruth


Congrats @CosmicTruth !


OMG this news definitely made my day! I’m at work but wanted to say how happy I am. And thanks to everyone with all those congrats!


Congrats @CosmicTruth. Thanx @Heaven_Gifts for the giveaway


Congrats! Does this mean you won’t be taking over the earth as a malevolent tyrant?


Of course not


I was at work, and in our secure environment we get no emails (only secured intranet), I left the facility at noon and when I walked outside my phone lit up as the wi-fi connected to the outside network. I thought something was wrong then started seeing all the “congrats”. Definitely made my day, …So We will postpone terminating this planet till after we try the new MOD :smile:


Hey you got wait till I get the one I won too, and although it shipped yesterday I know HG is so fast when it comes to shipping prizes.


@CosmicTruth congrats!!


Well done @CosmicTruth, congratulations mate :thumbsup:


Congrats @CosmicTruth