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Win Arctic Dolphin ELUX Kit, 3D UV Print, Super Tiny Mod--10/23


Post1 probably the b then the g and last the s.

  1. I like the g square (metal sheet) because it looks good.

  1. S slate looks good too.


They all look decent I would take any one at random if you catch my drift!


Here’s my ‘participation’ :wink:

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And post 2

@jim22 @Josephine_van_Rijn @mixologist13 @Dan_the_Man @Benoz @Stankhammer @Grubby


Post #1
My favorite color is the B- Honeycomb because it looks classy. Definitely my style.


Post #2


Post #1

My favorite color is G-Stripe. Looks old-fashioned and I like that


Post #2

Good luck everyone!
@Josephine_van_Rijn @Dan_the_Man @SmilingOgre @Norseman @worm1


Post first and last

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#1 Favs are the Honeycomb and the Checkerboard. Cant go wrong with the color black. I think I brought it to 20. Good luck everyone.



I like a few of them, so I will just say one for each color… stainless/crescent moon, black/checkerboard, and slate/square



Thanks for the tags @Josephine_van_Rijn and @jhmiller!

@Vaporraven @bluenose63 @cincinnatiking79


I like the b cross
The idea of a mouth to lung tank seems like a good starter kit. There is always someone who wants to vape, but needs some help to start out.

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Well thats me done. Good luck everyone :+1:


My favorite is B-Honeycomb because of the all black color and shape on the panels.

  1. Next favorite would be the B-Checkerboard because it’s another black mod.


Oh my gawd, I didn’t realize you already tagged me. Wow. Derp.


#1. Love the B-Checkerboard cause it looks elegant and simply stated. The kit has a very nice profile!