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Win Artery Nugget X, A Super Compact,Fine Finish,Affordable Kit--4/11


I like the Nugget X…
The red one.

Potential to be a vape reviewer? Sure but be warned I call things like I see them and I don’t candy coat shit!

Vape content? Any content that involves vaping hardware. New technology, devices and atomizers.

  1. The only thing I could review is adult movies :smile:


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artery nugget x


post 2

yes i think i have the POTENTIAL to become a reviewer , why ? because im honest and to the point …


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im interested in making juice more than anything ,


#1 Artery Nuggest X

I think I do have the potential to be a vape reviewer, because I have seent things and stuff


#2. Artery Nuggest X

Vape content I’m interested in is vape news, like Regulator watch on youtube, DIY Ejuice, and pertinent devices


#3. Artery Nuggest X

Content that will really change the game, and not reviewers/companies/mixers trying to propaganda themselves over each other.


#4. Artery Nuggest X

I could be a vape reviewer, I know what I look for in a review, short/sweet/concise/details/details/details/no strong personal opinion/ openness to discuss weak points


Artery nuggest x
Um maybes I review goods.
I like to try and make juice and learn

  1. Artery Nuggest X

  2. Absolutely, you got to live the vape life, to view the vape life.

  3. Vapeporn


@DarkJester89, is that the Pink Floyd movie the “Wall”


Artery Nugget X

  1. Do you think you have the potential to be a vape reviewer? Why?
    I’ve written reviews in the past. I always test products over several weeks/months before giving my opinion. Not only I but also my husband and friends will stress test the products before a review is made, this allows opinions from different people and vape styles, as well as recommending it to either beginners or veterans. I am very unbiased, honest and accurate when looking at new products or items that are longer on the market.

However, I would not review or even recommend mechs, nicotine/flavors/e-juice/cheap batteries from China, built in battery mods and/or coil alternative products that have not been tested prior or do not pass US and EU standards and regulations.


3.What kind of vape content are you interested in

DIY eliquid and flavors, mods, sub ohm tanks, rtas, rdas, rsa, coils, wicking materials, squonkers etc.



The brand Artery is unfamiliar to me. But in the Heaven Gifts website, we can observe the evolution of Nugget box:
50W Artery Nugget TC Box MOD Zinc Edition 1000mAh
Artery Nugget V2 50W TC Box MOD 1500mAh
Artery Nugget X 50W with AT22 TC Starter Kit 2000mAh



No. I believe that this should be done by professionals. But I’m an ordinary user.



The MTL devices reviews.



A new contests from Heaven Gifts :).



DIY tools for vapers.