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Win Artery Nugget X, A Super Compact,Fine Finish,Affordable Kit--4/11


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I’m interesting in DIY eliquids and mixing. I am more interested in flavor over clouds!


I am most interested in mods and DIY atomizers because they are what I use the most.



I am also interested in squonkers because they are used with RDAs and I haven’t yet tried to squonk.


I often post online about experience with products that I get, but usually do not form an actual review. If I do post reviews they would be written because I will not make a video.

Either way, some people will definitely know about products that I get. They will read about them on forums, see photos of them, and see me using them out and about.

Smokers and other vapers at work tend to look at, ask about, and even sometimes try my gear before purchasing their own gear to attempt quitting cigarettes or add to their collections. When someone asks about the gear I use, as they often do, I tell them how it works and where I got it from.


I like informative vape content. Regulations, coil builds, flavor profiles, different types of mods ect


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#4 Artery Nuggest X


I also like watching vape tricks sometimes
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I like the looks of the artery mix150


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As a reviewer, I would be honest and precise as i could be since I know how leaving out or giving misleading info can can be costly and frustrating for the vaper


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I enjoy mechanicals and rdas the most but i like anything out of the ordinary, unique, well thought of designs.


1 Artery Nuggest X


2 Yes, i try many devices


3 Devices…


4 Artery Nugget V2 50W TC Box


5 e-liquids


Artery Nugget X


Probably not. I swear too much for some of the more delicate petals.


Unlike @Mark_Turner, I loves me some coil porn…such pretties :star_struck:


Guys, this contest has ended.
I will announce the winner later.
Please stay tuned.:blush: