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Win Envii Loch Ness, A Nicely Designed High End Mod for Long-lasting Vape


heard that…me too man, through and through, since I was 7, I live about 4 miles from Old Trafford, pass it every day on my way to work…you confident for Wednesday?..really not arsed about Palace tomorrow, gonna be a shit boring game…but I’m gonna be a wreck for the final lol.
Can’t see us gettin it gotta be honest, Ajax score goals and we…well…you know…don’t lol.


I’m kinda in the same boat as you about it. I’m not overly confident but I think utd might just have too much for them. Depends on the midfield and center of defense. If that donkey Fellaini starts we’re in bother though.


black ring plus mech mod


He more than likely will start, I used to hate him, but I see his uses, without him we’ve got no one tall enough for corners or set pieces, he can get the ball off anyone and no one can get it off him…unfortunately there’s also a pretty good chance he could leave you with 10 men lol…same with Herrera, amazingly accurate but a fucking liability lol…and to top it off we aint got Bailly…we aint got half the team lol…If Rashford turns up…maybe…


Just have a look at how many balls he actually loses, not to mention the ridiculous frees he gives away. I can’t stand him and I think he offers fuck all anywhere on the pitch. I think Herrera’s biggest problem is getting stupid bookings and then having to watch himself for the rest of the game. We need another Roy Keane lol


every team needs another Roy Keane lmao


Amen to that brother lol


Geekvape Tsunami




Geekvape Mech…not sure on the topper

Next one


Digiflavor Pilgrim GTA




No Idea



18650 battery


Oh your my hero. That’s a tornado hero.


Here is my new vape toy


Noisy Cricket, the original.


Digiflavor Siren GTA


Ijoy reaper?



Reaper Plus, my first tank.


No idea