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Win Giveaway Geekvape Zeus Dual RTA & Vapefly Wormhole RDA


Awesome thank you @Everzonvapewholesale and yes, I will do a review of the Zues Dual RTA.

@worm1 you WON!! super cool. Did you get the one you wanted?


Just got first squonker couple weeks ago so id be happy to try another squonk rda.


Right on. You won the wormhole right? Does it come with the squonk pin?

I remember when I first started squonking, there wasn’t a lot to choose from, so I took my best RDA at the time, which was the wotofo Sapor and turned it into a squonk RDA.

Don’t know why I told that story… Anywho, peace out bro


Congratulations @worm1 & @Dan_the_Man, and thanks for the giveaway @Everzonvapewholesale


Congrats! Nice win


Congratulations @worm1 & @Dan_the_Man
Buy Lotto tickets!


Congrats guys, enjoy :slight_smile:
Thanks @Everzonvapewholesale for the competition. Keep them coming :wink:


Congratulations @worm1 and @Dan_the_Man
Thanks @Everzonvapewholesale for the giveaway

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