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Win Hellvape VP, An Exquisite RDA for Flavor Chasers--4/8

  1. Thanks for the chance :heart:


Post 1. What do I think? It looks nice. Not to sure about the top cap.


Post 2. What rdas do I own. Goon v1 and goon v1.5 rebel recoil, uwell x, velocity v2 tobecco, and a couple others.


Post 3. Tag a few people. @otter @OtterJuice @otterpaw @Otter620


Post 4. Oh and I own a plum vape clone a nautilus x


Post 1;

The triangle deck looks solid!


Post 2;

Build quality and flavor


Post 3;

2 X Dead rabbit & 1 Peerles


Post 4;

@Suomynona, @Mew, @woftam, @JoJo


Post 5;

@lolly, @BoDarc, @Cutlass92


Post 5. Tag some more bunnies. @bunnsnow @BunnyTears and @bunnysaidmeow


Post #1

I really like the looks of this RDA, but it doesn’t look like it has a very deep juice well…


Post #2

Airflow, juice well, bf pin included…


Post #3

I am fairly inexperienced to RDA’s, because I have been using RTA’s, RDTA’s, or Tanks with RBA heads, but I am looking to expand my horizons into the world of RDA’s!!!

  1. Digiflavor Mesh Pro
  2. IJOY Combo Triangle RDA
  3. Freakshow Mini by Wotofo


Post #4

@Dan_the_Man @Josephine_van_Rijn @robin


Post #5

@Laura5 @Lolly @Sprkslfly


Post 1
When purchasing a new RDA, which features do you care about most?
#1 Airflow
#2 juice well
#3 looks
#4 build deck


Post #2
How many RDAs do you own? Pls list their names


  • dead rabbit hellvape
  • geekvape Athena (squonk kit)
  • kaees Aladdin


Post 3
do you think of this Hellvape VP RDA 9?

Really great looking rda. That black with the gold trim is beautiful. Looks really cool.
Hellvape like with the dead rabbit didn’t put a juice well on this one. They use the barrel of the rda as the juice well. Wish it was a deeper non barrel style juice well.


Post 4
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