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Win OBS Cube Kit, Enjoy the Ultimate Vaping Experience--9/30


Nice and simple :+1:

  1. Used OBS Nano shortly but we couldn’t get along so I passed it to a friend.



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Great compact design, I also like the fire button is not on the same side as the screen and so not either pointing away or hidden by hand while fireing.



OBS Cube

Although I really want to try the Engine Nano.





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I like the rounded shape and beautiful surfaces.


OBS Cube


Post 1. What do I think about the new cube. I’ve seen the reviews and think it’s cool.


Post 2. Do I own an obs. Not yet, could you send me one? I promise I will be good.


Post 3 welcome to autumn here in Portland Oregon.



BRILLIANT!!! I love that man, totally cool.

This is how I store my Nicotine. Suck the air out put it in the freezer and wamo bamo. It stays fresh for a long long time. I have had this one for almost 2yrs


Post 4


Post #1

I like it! The first thought that came to my mind the first time I saw it was, “That mod is sooo cute!”



I have! I bought 3 of the original OBS Crius RTA’s! I had 1 black, 1 white, and 1 SS…and I liked it so much that I bought my best friend a white one and sent @bradslinux a black one a few years ago when I was his secret Santa!


Nice minimalistic design