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Win OBS Cube Kit, Enjoy the Ultimate Vaping Experience--9/30


cool. should be a good little kit.


Congratulations @SmilingOgre


Gratz @SmilingOgre :tada:


Congrats SO


Congratulations @SmilingOgre :raised_hands:
Thank you for the Chance @Heaven_Gifts :point_up:


You know @SmilingOgre you have to review it :grin:
Thanks @Heaven_Gifts for the chance :+1:


Right… It will probably be a minute. Takes about a month to arrive. I think China shuts down for a week here pretty quick too.


Chinese National Day will be celebrated from Oct. 1-7 in 2018. Hope you get it without a big delay :slight_smile:




I won about a week ago. The ehpro whatever, and it was here in less than a week. Coming out of Texas. I think what they do is send giveaway items to someone in the states and then they send it. Hopefully that is the case with yours.


Wow. Had no idea. Thanks!


They definitely ship fast. When I won a tank i got it within one week. The second one I won is delayed due to both israeli and chinese holidays


Nice one @SmilingOgre!!


Congrats @SmilingOgre! Thanks for the giveaway @Heaven_Gifts!!!