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Win Resin Version Voopoo Drag, Show off This Unique Intelligent Device


Post five

I grabbed his favourite toy when he was a child, a train toy set, from my grandpas attic and had it carefully restored (to leave the patina on, but make it work again)

He was happy like the first time he got it, at least that’s what my grandpa said :smiley:

  1. What’s the best gift you sent to your old man or received on Father’s Day?
    We gave dad a black star sapphire ring, and my mom gave it to me years later.


Third entry

My kids and I didn’t have much money between us, so we got a couple of Father’s Day cards and put six different $3.00 lottery scratch tickets inside them with hopes that my husband would win more money so he could get himself something nice! But it didn’t work out because none of them were winners…but he said it was okay because it was thoughtful and it is the thought that counts!

  1. Share this mod on any of your social media page.(Optional)


Fourth entry

I am sorry that I cannot share it on social media, but I don’t participate on any of the social media platforms.


Post six:

Shared it on Tumblr.
@Heaven_Gifts one recommendation:
It would be awesome, if you make a tumblr link to advertise resin mods, to have actually pics of the resin version available to share. The pics I could choose from only contained the normal version, sadly :confused:


You need to get in on this one
@VapeyMama @Bob_Bitchen


Post seven:

The more I look at the mod the prettier it looks!

I keep oogling these resin thingies, probably time I get myself one :smiley:


Fifth entry

@Josephine_van_Rijn @VapeyMama @Lolly @Pugs1970 @jhmiller @Sprkslfly @GPC2012 @Bob_Bitchen


Sixth entry

Here is where I will beg that this is the winning entry on June 29th because that is my birthday and this mod would be a spectacular birthday present for me!!!


Seventh entry

I think @Sprkslfly had a great idea for his seventh entry so I am stealing it! I will also say with my last entry thank you @Heaven_Gifts for this chance to win a really beautiful and awesome mod, the resin version of the Voopoo Drag 157W TC box mod!


I have a silver voopoo drag and love it so far! Everyone needs to get in on this! @Lolly @Sprkslfly @SessionDrummer @fidalgo_vapes @Warbstar @SthrnMixer and everyone else too!



It looks very good and also eco-friendly!



I love the purple but a blue would be nice or turquoise



I don’t have one and I’m not one either so no gifts :pensive:



Shared on Twatter :sunglasses:



@Grubby @Uncaged


@jhmiller @Norseman @Maureeenie


Thanks @Heaven_Gifts for this great giveaway, it is a very nice prize to win. :dizzy:

  1. It’s quite a nice looking device!
  2. GREEN! The pictures look like malachite, not resin. A dark blue might be nice as well…
  3. I’m not a dad. I gave my dad a picture of him and his dog that he never knew I took. It was a great candid shot of him and his buddy.
  4. I don’t use SM
  5. I’m too new-I don’t feel comfortable randomly tagging people I barely know! If this disqualifies me from the giveaway, I’ll understand. Cheers!