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Win Resin Version Voopoo Drag, Show off This Unique Intelligent Device


The green one looks nice to me


Best gift to the old man would have to be the iPad I got him two years ago


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Best Fathersday gift to the hubby, I got the whole family together for a fishing trip


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Number 2
I really like the blue but i think there should be a pearly pink added.

  1. Wow the mod looks great! It would be a nice add to my collection.


3rd. The best gift I always give my Dad on Fathers day is my presence. I always go and spend time with him. This year we took a trip to Michigan to the exotic big cat zoo.
Its been a difficult year for him and our family. My Mom passed away in March. They were married 58 years and I dont think he knows how to live without her :frowning:
So no I realize how just being together means the world to us


Looks awesome!!!
I would preffer purple, or a couple you don’t have, red or blue.
Unfortunately, I havn’t had a dad, or been a day myself so have never given or recieved a gift.
I’m to new to find any friends here too.


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I’m alright with the Blue but would prefer Red, my favorite color.


Best Fathers Day gift I gave was a Multi Grill by Weber to my step dad, deceased now, that he never got to use and I now have but will probably never use in lieu of a remembrance of him.


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I really like the resin option and the chip in this mod is meant to be fantastic.


I like the green one. I think there should be a multi-coloured version.


My father passed away years ago and I don’t have any womb turds so no gifts here :grin:



Obviously this Dr.'s not an OB/GYN… :laughing: :rofl: