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Win Vapefly Core RTA, Circuit pattern design, Q airflow system--8/20


Augvape Intake. Single coil, 4.3ml tank, Zero leak, Amazing Flavor. The draw I enjoy.

Tanks for the tag @eStorm


1 - I mostly use the Steam Crave Aromamizer Plus - same reasons as everybody else - good draw, easy to build, amazing flavor - and I have lots of extra glass.


2 - Also use a Hadaly - MTL - for testing new recipes


3 - and a Limitless RDA - for breaks from my Plus - Love it, but hate it when I over drip, and I over drip way too often.


I keep a small collection in rotation, because I get bored with just one (ADD), same with juice !


I use a Amit but currently looking for a new tank with great flavor.


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Got my Freemax Starre Pure, I like it’s TAF, good flavor and never a leak.


#1: Currently using the Aromamizer Supreme V2 because I love the flavor I get from bakery, dessert and/or tobacco flavored juices when they’re run through this atomizer!


#2: Currently using the Reload RTA(clone because there’s no way I can justify $70 for a damn RTA) because the build in my Billow V2.5 RTA went all kaka on me(That’s what I get for not rebuilding sooner!) Thanks for the opportunity-Cheers!


I currently use voopoo Uforce tank just because I don’t have a better one yet :slight_smile:
When not using a tank I use eithet drop or bonza RDA’s because of the flavor I get from them


I’m using the Wotofo Serpent SMM because it’s a simple single coil tank that is easy to build on and it produces great flavor.


I’m using the Wotofo Bravo RTA because it is a dual coil tank, not the easiest to build on but not that hard either. Also because it gives great flavor and no leaks if properly wicked.

  1. I am using the Zues dual 2 Rta because it’s very easy to build on and has fabulous flavor.


I’m also using Steamcrave Aromamizer Supreme V2 because it has amazing flavor and easy to build on. Also looks great.



Thanks to an excellent review by @SmilingOgre I’m now enjoying the Augvape Intake and it is a pretty good vape.


Thanks @Josephine_van_Rijn!,

I enjoy doing reviews when I’m not munching on someone. Well, I guess, I like doing reviews even if I am munching on someone. Hmmm, that was pretty redundant wasn’t it?



I’m using bonza RDA this very moment because it has a deep juice well I started developing a fetish for :slight_smile:


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I am currently using the Digiflavor Siren 2 since it is easy to build and have very good flavor.


Post 2
Also I am using the Doggystyle from SXK since it is easy to build and it have smaler size.


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Good luck everyone!!