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Win Vapefly Horus, An Aesthetic RTA with Outstanding Flavor--5/11


#1 No specific thoughts except I like the shape of the top cap. Presumably for enhancing flavor.

My impression of Vapefly? Well, honestly I think it’s a stupid name for a manufacturer.

My favorite RTA? The Augvape Boreas V1

And my apologies in advance for tagging you peoples but I’m tryna win this thing…
@Grubby, @Silhouette, @Mix_and_Hope


Last day for this contest.
Grab the chance to win this flavorful Horus RTA.:wink:

  1. Looks like a great single coil RTA

  1. never heard of Vapefly before.

  1. Steam Crave Aromamizer Plus.

  1. @QQping, @qxr, @Rrrroadhouse

  1. I like that three color design (black/gold/red)

  1. VapeFly is not new too me, it has been recommended many times in terms of flavor. I never tried it, but would love too.

  1. my favorite RTA currently is the kylin mini, even tho I nearly dislike everything about it (design/colors/wicking) but that flavor tho! Hard too beat currently when it comes to single coil.

  1. lots of people don’t like to be tagged, neither can I keep up with who already commented lol a @ all tag would be cool :wink:


#1 I like the compact design, great giveaway


#2 I have not heard of this brand being new to vaping


#3 My fave RTA is the kylin mini but wicking is hard


#4 @worm1 @Ken_O_Where @Alan1

Share your thoughts on this Vapefly Horus RTA 6.

#1 Love the look of it

What’s your impression on Vapefly brand?

#2 Never heard of them

So far, what’s your favorite RTA?

#3 iJoy EXO RTA

Tag 3 of your friends here to enter.

@Lolly @Steampugs @fidalgo_vapes

  1. It’s an RTA !!! I love gun metal.

  1. I’m not familiar with this brand yet.