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Win Vapefly Nicolas MTL Tank for Flavor Chasing


shared on my FB page

  1. Releaux


X-gun VV/VW


I continue with:



Temperature Control


Winner Announcement

Hey guys.

This contest has ended.
Seems Vapefly Nicolas MTL Tank isn’t so liked here.
But to express our gratitude to participants, we still choose one winner who will get our US$10 gift card.

Congratulations #7 @drapinl!!

I will PM the gift card code to you later. Pls have a check.

Announcement of the winner doesn’t mean the end of the contest, but the beginning of the next contest. Pay more attention to HG. Interesting contests, new arrivals, discount deals, special coupons are waiting for you.

If you have interested in Vapefly Nicolas MTL Tank, you can pick one from HG at US$22.1 by using 15% off code “AHG15”.


Congratulations @drapin well done :white_check_mark:


Since @drapin has not bothered to thank you I will do it on his behalf. Thank you for the competition @Heaven_Gifts and for giving out a gift card even when it was not required.


@Heaven_Gifts I was wondering in your extensive selection of goods is a chance you had in stock a box of manners? If you do would a $10 gift card cover the cost?


If $10 doesn’t cover the cost I will be willing to donate.


There was NO REASON to flag TinMan’s post!


Go home drapin :fu:t3: