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Win VapeOnly Beam Kit, Fits for Beginners and MTL Vapers--(Ended)


#1 9009
#2 This is perfect for a beginner or for someone who needs something small and compact.

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Not sure why the font is so big.


Moved to pencils, the answer is


Sleek, easy to hold. Looks easy to use.


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Entering just to enter.

I know @Amy2 likes a good mtl setup.
I think @GPC2012 may want to enter.

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I am new here so I dont know anyone well enough to tag as a friend, much less 2 people.

But I am with Leilani, moving only 2 of the pens the 9809 is the highest I can get, how are people coming up with 9909?



I have seen the light… and that light was @Molly_Mcghee - She just showed me how the pens were moved to get the correct high number.

I’m officially someone you don’t want to have on your team during game night. :sweat:


I’d take you on my team, any day!! :wink:


:cry: Thank you for pitying this poor soul. I rock in anything physical (more brawn than brains). So if we ever play dodge ball and we’re on the same team - I will take everyone down! Without. Mercy.


I will take that deal. I’m like a newborn giraffe.


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If @woftam 's move is legal, id have to say 9982
Device has built in battery for ease
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The kit comes in various colors
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post # 1 9809


I see it now 9909


I just want to win something not work my brain or play games, but what ever I guess I’ll play along, as long as I win something sometime



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9909 does appear to be the highest number


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After dealing with dual battery mods with a high mAH I’m curious to see how these type of devices work. I think my mother would enjoy it well enough :slight_smile:


Post #3, I don’t do Social Media, but I’ll tag some folks

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