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Win Vaptio Wall Crawler kit 7-80W, 0.005 second to fire it up, 2/5


The worm has turned!! Congrats man.


Woot !! And the Eagles, life is good again!! Thks for the giveaway @Vaptio_official and the grats all!!


They say the early bird gets the worm, but in this case the worm got the wall crawler…

Grats @worm1


Congratz @worm1 and thx for the giveaway @Vaptio_official


Congratulations @worm1 :raised_hands:


Thks again all for the cheers. It was sent pony express from china through the Netherlands, no complaints tho since free is free, right. I think ill enjoy it since i was eyeing up diff picos for size factor but ill let ya all know once i get the spidey vape sense going. @woftam can ya close this thread since i saw ya lurking over there :point_right: